My name is Amrita Tanna. I work in Communications by day but my heart and passion has always been Indian cinema. My other passion is, of course, writing which is where the blog comes in. I will share moments, thoughts and give my views on various subjects which won’t always relate to Bollywood. From film reviews, opinion pieces and star-studded special features, my aim is to give you a little slice of me and perhaps a little slice of others too in the process.

I am Director at BizAsia and Senior Editor of the showbiz component of a UK-based media news website. Do check us out: BizAsiaLive.com 🙂

I also used write for BollySpice (www.bollyspice.com) as well as review Bollywood films for the BBC Asian Network as an external contributor.


Please note, the views I express are totally my own and bear no resemblance or connection to any outlets and/or other people that I am connected with or otherwise.