First Impression is Last Impression…


After many weeks of contemplation, I’ve finally succumbed to the world of blogging! Some of you may be pleased, a few may purely want to be inquisitive and the rest are probably indifferent to learn this but in true blue Carrie Bradshaw style, here starts my journey of writing… from the heart. If you’re already here and reading this then my job is half-done… right? 🙂

It is my genuine hope that those reading my posts will know or become accustomed to my style in which I may rant, inform or, quite literally, think (write) “out loud”. Additionally, with my passion for all things Bollywood, you can rest assured that almost all of my posts will relate to that genre in one way or another.


I think it’s only right for me to start with a Bollywood-related subject and one that I’ve touched on on Twitter a little while ago. During the last fortnight I’ve noticed and witnessed two actor-cum-producers state that they prefer to make the kind of cinema which makes audiences laugh. This is all a matter of choice I hear you say but if producers begin to consciously think this way, I truly feel the essence of true, rooted Indian cinema will be tragically lost. Let me also mention that the two producers in question, Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor, are bankable stars – stalwarts if you like. It is because of their standing in the industry that they are able to “lend themselves” to projects that they deem as entertaining and can perhaps pull in a reasonably sized audience upon a movie’s release. What is disappointing, and also poignant, is that both have recently produced films which have faired quite badly in reviews and done little to impress at the box office too. In my personal opinion, a re-think is most definitely needed, especially in terms of the comical projects actors get involved with. Comedy is and always has been a popular part of Hindi cinema but it will only work up until a certain point… after that, you need a strong plot coupled with convincing performances to see it through and really keep the audiences happy. It is my strong belief that comedy alone is very hard to stay with in any given movie and it is not the kind of entertainment that every audience member wants. It is essential for a filmmaker, a director and a performer to strike a chord with their target audience. Shah Rukh Khan rightly stated earlier this year that Indian cinema, quite frankly, caters for all age groups and most films churned out by the industry need to appeal to a child just as much as a grandparent. Although this instantly limits the creativity and scope of a movie, it is imperative to take into account that audiences around the world are different. The requirement of a Western audience differs from an Eastern audience. It’s fair to conclude that it very much depends on this understanding whether a filmmaker chooses to think outside the box or remain within a set comfort zone (which may not necessarily be working wonders)… and also whether he/she is only looking to limit themselves by focussing on what works with the Indian mass audience or envisaging the impact a project can potentially have on an international audience at the same time.

On that note, I will end my very first post in the hope that you’ve survived to this point and that you will return again! I also hope the first impression had indeed created a lasting impression on you…

Much love to all!

A xxx

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