Year in, year out…

When a year approaches its end, it’s inevitable to think about the events throughout the year and wonder how things could’ve been done differently. In the final two weeks of 2010, I’ve been forced to do just that. My year has been somewhat of a whirlwind and I’ve worked hard to make the most of opportunities that have been put my way. However, aside from that, this year has been hugely about me learning about myself. Ok so some of you reading perhaps may think that you learn about yourself all the time and although I would agree with you, I think there are sometimes situations you’re faced with and instances you are forced to tackle in which your decisions determine the kind of person you are. I suppose the simplest way to put it is in the commonly known phrase, “Actions speak louder than words”.

This phrase can also fit very neatly in other people’s behaviour towards me and this year I’ve learnt this the hard way. It will sound very “girly” to say this is one very important thing I took away from the movie He’s Just Not That Into You (2009). The movie conveyed the thought that if a guy is interested in a lady then he will make the effort no matter what and without any excuses. I feel this also rings true in friendship and relationships in general. During this year I think I’ve learnt to cherish the people who genuinely make an effort with me and who do so without any encouragement. These are the people who I love to bits and who have been there for me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. However, as with every positive, there is also a negative in that I’ve also learnt that I sometimes make too much effort. This year, encounters have taught me that making an effort is like giving something to someone from your heart… and if they don’t reciprocate even with a “thank you” then that should be taken as a blessing in disguise. If it’s done once then it can be overlooked but if it’s done again and again then perhaps that’s where my effort should stop. Seems fair does it not? If only relationships were that simple…

My conclusion is very simple: blessings in disguise actually do camouflage themselves extremely well, but rest assured these blessings very much exist. Sometimes no matter how close someone is to heart, that person may not be good for you and I hope i’m the kind of person who can take a back-step and identify this. The complication arises when you can clearly see and feel that this person is bringing you to the wrong road but you continue on it anyway… it’s hard to stop something in its tracks right? Right! However, if it’s not stopped or questioned, it easily becomes a reality… worse still, it may become YOUR reality… and you can’t argue with that kind of reality!

Perhaps I’ll make a little more sense tomorrow when I’ve spent hours travelling to work in the snow… Haha! 🙂

Good night lovelies!

A xxx

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