For the Love of Secrets…

Love ceases to be a pleasure, when it ceases to be a secret– Aphra Behn

Secrets are undoubtedly the spice of life. However, when your secret is that you’re in love, you might as well be living in two separate lives. If, whilst leading this double life, you’re also a well-known personality under constant public scrutiny then things can potentially be on the road to being messy. Cue Koffee with Karan 3 and Karan Johar’s attempt at getting an exclusive on his show when asking the very sexy Shahid Kapoor and the ever-so-beautiful Priyanka Chopra to share his famous couch. Who do we blame for the inability to disguise the uncontrollable chemistry between the two? Who do we blame for the outrageous evading of personal-equation questions? And most importantly, who do we blame for wanting to know from the horse’s mouths what exactly is happening between the two?

In an episode I would quite gladly deem as one of the most eye-opening in this season, Shahid and Priyanka are exactly that; Shahid AND Priyanka. From very early on, it was insanely obvious that the two are very much together and what a hot-and-happening couple they are! I’ve got to say, after hearing all the rumours doing their rounds about the two, I was a little apprehensive about the “kind” of couple they would make, being the Shahid fan I am. As touched on on the show, Shahid and Kareena were an item for over 4 years and upon remembering their Koffee with Karan 2 episode and thinking about their 10/10 compatibility, it was hard to imagine (yes, perhaps I’m exaggerating) that, with Priyanka, Shahid would be so… erm… so not like how he was with Kareena!? Yep, I think that’s the only way I can put it.

Anyway, enough of the technicalities. This whole episode got me thinking… about secrets. Shahid was very open and very easy-going in the recent KWK (in comparison to when he graced the show with Kareena) and could this ultimately be because he and Priyanka haven’t openly come out and spoken about being “together”? Could it be that the excitement of this very secret is making him feel more at ease? Could it be because the expectations of others wouldn’t be the same as they would be if the two had formally announced their commitment to each other? Or could it simply be that Priyanka brings out a side of him that he had kept hidden away while he was with Kareena? Some secrets will always remain secrets, it seems. Hmmm…. Food for thought.

Secrets, in my opinion, are or can be quite dangerous. The best kept secrets are never really worth knowing… or are they? I used to be the kind of person who was very closed in terms of not sharing my true self with those around me. As I’ve increased in age (and wisdom, haha), I’ve realised that there is no harm in letting people in to show them the real you but you’ve got to have eyes at the back of your head, so to speak. You’ve also got to take into account that the “mystery” of secrets is only apparent when there is some prior knowledge surrounding the secret in the first place. I feel, a lot of the time, people lose sight of this very obvious fact. Rest assured, secrets rule the world… and if you’re on the side that knows, you’ll either be totally free or trapped in a way even you could never have imagined possible.

Much love…

A xxx

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