A New Year with Old Friends…

The uncanny, and somewhat lucky, arrangement of numbers in the first day of 2011 coupled with a great new year’s eve could only mean one thing: a simple but great start. It’s very easy to say because, inevitably, with a every new year comes new hopes, new want for opportunities and more than anything else, the chance of a healthy new beginning. I always wonder how and why the start of a new year makes people think that they’ve been granted with a new slate. Why do we need that particular transition in the year to make us feel like we can start afresh and make everything that much better than the last transition?

For me, this new year’s eve was particularly significant. This was the one year where I chose to be at home with my darling girlfriends as opposed to being out and about experiencing crowds of unimaginable size and rowdiness. This feeling, in turn, made me feel that much stronger in myself and made me feel a weird sense of empowerment.

I would like to admit that during the years, I have been guilty of taking my friendships for granted. It’s easy to do when you feel you’re untouchable and when the bond you have is unbreakable… or so you think. 2010 gave me new people in my life and it also helped me cherish the people already around me. Once again, in true Carrie Bradshaw style, I found myself asking my inner self… What I would do without my friends?

There are some friends you meet during your time in educational establishments who are with you through the years simply because you are learning side by side. Then, there are some friends you make that tread the fine line between acquaintance and confidante. There are also those friends you meet along the way who can be seasonal friends, friends in need or can end up being friends for life. I’ve heard it be said that the only real friends are those which have been with you from a young age, who have been with you through your journey of becoming your adult self. Although a part of me agrees with this, there is also a part of me which feels this isn’t always the case. Friends, no matter how old or new, are like stars… they are always with you even if you don’t see their sparkle all the time.

In this, my very first blog post of 2011, I would like to make a toast to all of my friends – the old, the new, the ones who drifted away and the ones who stayed close. I thank you all for bringing everything you have to my life because without you, I wouldn’t be me. I apologise for anything I may have done to hurt you if I ever have, intentionally or not, and hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. Most importantly, I would like to tell you that I love you and you matter to me – each and every one of you. You make my world a better place.

Although it’s not exactly a new year’s resolution, I want to make a promise to myself that 2011 is going to be my year for my friends. I want to reach out to those I’ve lost touch with and show my appreciation to those who’ve stuck by me. It is my belief that a little bit of effort can go a long way…

Happy New Year to you all… make 2011 a year to remember.

Loadsa Love,

A xxx


  1. hi amrita,
    what a lovely piece to start the new year on!! something that is so close to my heart friendship! im getting quite addicted to this little blog of yours.
    it is so nice to read something that put alot of people perspective into words. you are right, alot of friends and aquaintences come into individuals life whether for a season or a lifetime and many times you question there purpose or the lesson you are expected to learn.
    it is so nice to read something that i know is one of the main factors which i am going to be focusing most on in my new year along with making many new paths but to cherish and to enjoy every new friend or aquaintence that enters my life whether they are there simple to teach me something about myself good or bad! or there as a part of my future..along with many other close friends i have grown with.

    so thank you once again on writing about a topic many people struggle with or hold so dear it is encouraging to know that “it not just me” that has this opion. please continue with these enjoyable and sintilating bloggs as i look forward to the furture ones and keep up the brilliant work “miss carey bradshaw bollywood style”

    Hayley :)x


  2. Hey Hun!

    A truly beautiful post that sums up the meaning of ‘Friendship’! I was left thinking about all my friendships after watching ‘Piglet The Movie’ on New Year’s Eve.

    This film alone summed up the importance of friendship and how important it is to appreciate your friends before it’s too late – kinda dramatic for an animation film right?! I am someone who gives 100% to all my relationships but never do I receive the full 100% back…

    It has been a real pleasure to get to know you over these past few months & I really do count you as a friend now :o) You have always answered/replied to my tweets – never ignored them; no matter how random they are – and I will always be thankful for that! :o))

    I wish you & your family a very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous New Year 2011 – may you succeed and achieve all your goals this year & always!

    God Bless, Love Jem xoxo


  3. Dear Amrita,
    We have all made the same mistake..taking friendships for granted. Only with time are we able to realise that our ‘true’ friends will alway be there and ‘acquaintances’ remain…just ‘acquaintances’. Cherish the precious friendships as good friends are hard to come by 🙂 but give new friendships a chance. All the best for the future posts and 2011!!


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