The Episode That Was…

I caught a glimpse of a guy today whilst walking to my train on the way home from work. On any normal day, you catch the eye of many people especially if your journeys involve public transport. So what made this guy so different that I felt the need to start a post about him? Well, what made him different was that he was in my friend circle when I was at college many moons ago. Yes, it wasn’t a beautiful stranger that I “bumped” into today but it was actually an uncomfortable past-friend. We caught each other’s eye, he was walking whilst talking on his phone and I crossed his path… we smiled at each other, and walked right on. Weird eh?

Thinking about it now, it feels a little odd that neither of us thought to stop for a chat, or even so much as an acknowledgement. It feels surreal to think that people who were so much a part of your life only a mere few years ago are the very same people you can hardly hold a conversation with now. It’s not that you have nothing in common or that you would have nothing to say; it’s simply the fact that your lives have moved on. Sometimes, it fits in with the scenario to try to speak to the person and do the whole look-genuinely-interested, catch-up thing. Other times, saying nothing is sufficient because you’re both in a different era of your lives now… and let’s face it, there doesn’t seem much point in showing concentration on something that clearly doesn’t really hold much importance for you. Hmmm… is that the only train of thought? I’m not so sure…

Speaking from my own personal experience, and perhaps to expose similar thoughts that go through many heads, I think there’s a more insecure reason for not talking to someone you once knew. Could it be that we’re all scared to talk to someone from our past in the fear that they could be doing better (in life) than us? Is it possible that, no matter how fulfilled you think you are in your own life, an encounter with someone from your past will (for whatever reason) make you feel inadequate no matter how much you’ve achieved? Perhaps a conversation with your past will trigger all the things you’ve been trying to brush under the carpet… Hmmm… Although all of this may have some substance, one should always try and remember that everyone’s journey is different. Just because someone isn’t on the same path as you, doesn’t make your path in life any less significant or any less attractive. Your journey is special in it’s own way! 🙂

This brings me very neatly on to an actor whose journey in life, I believe, has been blessed. Yes I’m talking about Koffee with Karan with the King of my Heart, the one and only, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK). Ok, before I delve into the episode that was, I have a confession to make. In 2010, for the promotion of My Name is Khan, SRK graced the then nationally treasured couch of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. My SRK fever was paramount in those few days because of an MNIK event I had been to which had made me fall in love (all over again) with the King. Anyway, my confession? Well, that episode of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross is still saved on my Sky Plus – I just cannot bring myself to delete it! It was a moment in history and SRK’s charms were there for all to see. I distinctly remember him tweeting a few months later to thank the show for the people who now recognise him on London’s streets because of his appearance on it. How special! 🙂

Well, I’ve got to say hats off to Mr Karan Johar for bringing his best buddy SRK to his show once again and moreso this time because the decision to bring him on alone was, quite frankly, the best ever. The gentleman was just not born to share the couch! In an episode I was eagerly waiting for, SRK’s outspokenness was enough to make even the fans which had lost their glimmer shine that much stronger in awe of him. He candidly overcame the dreaded controversial questions with dignity and put the blame on himself for broken bonds and his inability to apologise. It was in this instance that I saw the vulnerability in his eyes which made me wonder how hard it would be to identify the people who are trustworthy from his position. He proclaimed he doesn’t find it easy making friends and, with all due respect, I can completely identify. Being the phenomenal superstar that he is worldwide, the most difficult thing must be to determine your true friends from the ones who are only in it for themselves. The episode won my over once again and SRK’s last line didn’t just have Mr Johar in tears, “I promised your dad I would look after you but I lied. You have looked after me…” Quite possibly the filmiest, most sincere, and most tear-jerking line ever in all three seasons of KWK to date? Well, it definitely gets my vote! 🙂

Once the episode ended, I tackled the lump in my throat and in doing so, I realised that I could so easily become like Priyanka Chopra who can’t help but melt at the mere mention of SRK. It’s going to sound so incredibly girly and cliche but I feel privileged to have been alive to see the phenomenon that is SRK. A celebrity-King in his own right whose attractive persona leaves me at a loss for the right words to describe the effect his charming words, his to-die-for eyes and that unique voice have on me…

Actors may come and actors may go… my love for SRK will always remain.

I leave you with a request that you listen to Sunday’s Love Bollywood on the BBC Asian Network where I will be reviewing No-One Killed Jessica. And please do keep an eye out for a full review and rating… coming soon to a blog near you! 🙂

Much love…


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  1. Absolutely fantstic review about SRK and the part at the end – I had to walk out the room to stop myself from making an idiot of myself in front of the parents- his last words were too moving made me very emotional and teary- that is what friendship is all about.


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