The Hands of Control…

As I sat on the train on my way home, on my left-hand side were two women munching on green grapes from M&S. As they indulged in conversation about their day, their voices drowned out as I started checking my emails on my phone. As more passengers boarded the train, my attention was fluctuating in and out of their conversation. When the train started to move, I noticed a lady who was approaching, with a number of people behind her, in the hope of walking along the carriages towards the front of the train. She stopped right opposite me and I didn’t notice anything out-of-the-ordinary about her. She was clutching two bags, both of which she placed on the floor beside her, as well as a burger which she began to remove the packaging of. She took a bite into the burger and the way in which she did this was… err… slightly odd… but I couldn’t quite figure out why. As the train swayed from side to side, the lady was slowly losing her balance. It was at this point that one of the two ladies on my left noticed what I had noticed. She got the attention of her friend and they both looked over at the lady with the burger and one of them commented that she was in drunk. This explained the lack of balance and the weird way she was eating her burger.

Witnessing this incident and what followed “shook” me a little. It wasn’t late in the evning and the train was pretty packed. However the two ladies on my left started laughing and joking about the drunk lady. The first stop approached and the drunk lady alighted on to the platform. Although I wasn’t aware what happened to her, the two ladies pursued their mocking, one even standing up to see whether anyone on the platform was coming to the lady’s rescue as she must’ve been struggling with the two bags.. and the burger she seemed to be holding on to for dear life.

This incident got me thinking… about control. The two ladies towards my left were making fun at the lady who wasn’t in control of her actions. In the same way, the lady who was drunk was indeed out of control but desperately trying to hold on to the control she had of her actions. However, this led me to ask whether we’re ever really in control of our actions… or whether we are simply all puppets in front of our destinies? Being at the right place at the right time is known as an act of pure luck… but is it really luck? Or could one say that luck is part of destiny? Can someone be destined to be lucky?

We all like to believe tha we are all in control of our own fate and that by working hard (or praying hard maybe), we can reach the heights we dream of. Although I do believe that hard work pays off, I also believe that destiny will deal what it deals regardless. Whether you play your cards close to your chest of whether you choose to spend your time in constant shadow of others is entirely your choice. Ultimately, in my opinion, Karma and destiny will join hands and give you exactly what you deserve. As frustrating as that may be, sometimes one just has to sit back and believe that the opportunities that are put your way come along because they are meant to and that the missed chances are destiny’s funny way of telling you that the right road for you is elsewhere.

A deep end to a manic day… and I hope what i’ve written makes sense! ;o)

Wish me luck for my quest in the coming week… and miss meeee! 🙂

Much love xxx

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