From Mumbai, With Love…

For me, Mumbai has always been the city of dreams. From the moment you step foot outside the airport, to the moment you are about to catch a flight to leave, the city amazes no end. You either get lost in the hustle and bustle or you find a “new you”. If you lose yourself, you will find different which perhaps you weren’t aware of in your life before and if you find yourself in the process, you will only become stronger. Either way, you’re promised the kind of enlightenment which is hard to find elsewhere.

On my way here, I watched “Eat Pray Love”. It’s a film I have been wanting to see since it released and I was excited to see it on the in-flight list. The movie (for those who haven’t seen it) is about a woman who goes in the search to find herself. She realises her marriage isn’t what she wants and her quest sees her travel to Italy and India to find peace within herself. “Eat Pray Love” sees the character of Julia Roberts make friends in unusual surroundings and fall in love when she least expects to. However, although this all sounds very “perfect”, it is far from it. The journey also sees her face up to a few ugly truths about herself and run away from happiness in fear of being hurt.

The plot of the movie calls out to me in a way very few films have done so in the past. Why? Well, being a true Scorpion, I’ve re-invented myself many times in the last decade or so. Whenever I’ve been at a loss in relationships, in my work-life or in whatever aspect of my life, I’ve felt the need to seek what makes me happy and in the process, I always find looking within myself helps me to identify why I feel so disconnected in different areas of my life. I find that my holidays have always helped me in doing this kind of soul-searching and I’ve always come back more in peace with myself than when I was at home.

This is true this time around too what with Mumbai’s lights and dreams filling my heart once again. Sometimes in the routine of life, you begin to lose the essence of yourself and those around you. A city of dreams it may be, but Mumbai has most definitely given me renewed hope, drive and determination that I will reach new heights in 2011. This year will not only be about my friends (in keeping with a previous post) but it will also be about trying to reach heights I’ve only ever reached in my dreams.

The song I would choose to best describe this thought and the way I feel about this wonderful city is “In Dino” from Life in a Metro. Your heart tells you that you should live, you should fall in love… you have permission to do so!

From the huge Bollywood billboards to the sand on the beach… I say good bye! 🙂

Love to all…


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