The World of the Freelance Writer

Well hello there! Thank you for clicking on the link and getting this far. I am grateful to you if you’ve visited before because this means you’re back as you liked what you read last time you were here. If this is the first time you’ve come to my blog then I bestow upon you a very warm welcome and hope I can impress or intrigue you enough that you come again! For those of you who are regulars, I hope I’m right in my assumption that you think I’m a good writer and that it’s my writing style which brings you back time and time again. I thank you for your support but truly wish that others – mainly outlets – follow suit.

During my time as a freelance writer over the last few years, I have at many times felt like I had drawn the short straw. It’s no mean feat doing something you’re passionate about, putting your all into it, and holding down a full-time job simultaneously. I hear you ask that if it’s so difficult then why put yourself through it? I do it because I not only enjoy writing but enjoy the subject too. My passion for the Hindi film industry goes back to when I was a child. It seems natural for me to put these two passions together and try to make a success of them as a joint entity. Is that so wrong? I still put my heart and soul into every piece of writing I create, whether a news piece or a special. I don’t think anyone can take that away from me.

It is my humble request to all the many outlets out there who “employ” writers on a freelance and voluntary basis that they re-think the way they work. It can be a tiresome job being a writer purely for a fire inside you which needs satisfaction. Sometimes writers feel their efforts, their words and their passion is wasted without monetary value but moreso, it is wasted when not valued by the outlet. An average freelance writer is probably in the same world as I find myself in of late; a world which does not appreciate my talent, a world which tries its utmost to curb my talent and, most sadly, a world in which the more powerful rule – as opposed to the more talented.

I recently read a piece written by someone I know of, and who – in my knowledge – hasn’t had much experience in writing/reporting. As I read the report, I felt myself becoming more and more enraged. Why? Well, I came across numerous spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and an overall appalling way in writing a report of this kind. Where I take into account that every writer has their own individual writing style, what I can’t ignore is that this piece of writing had been published with the editor’s go-ahead. To say it was written badly is a total understatement. I ask the outlets out there whether they prefer to just have a report – no matter how badly it is written – than to have a good write-up of the report too? Is quantity (showing that you were there) more important than quality? Surely the quality of any given article is what brings the readers back to your outlet for more… right?

In conclusion, I would like to say that I hope there comes a time where outlets start valuing the freelance writers who are possibly the most important contributory factors in their success. I would also like to put another thought out there: just because someone writes for free, doesn’t make their talent any less or make them any less of a person. Professionalism should be in us all and one needs to accept that where today the power may lie with the outlets, there may just come a time in the future where the power shifts to the writers… in this case will outlets be able to function in the same fashion – with the same routines, the same practices and the same attitudes as they do now? I think not.


  1. Worth the wait after all! 🙂 nicely summed up.! it’s tough enough writing w/o any materialistic demands, but when it lacks a sense of reciprocation and response from the opposite end.. REALLY hurts!
    well.. just one of the many things you do in life just for the love of it ! 😀
    keep writing xoxo


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