A Special Dedication on International Women's Day

As International Women’s Day marks 100 years, I felt compelled somewhat to think about all the beautifully strong women who are in my life right now… as well as those who have been part of my journey even though they may not be with me today. In the same way that every friend represents a different world of you, I feel every woman has the power to teach another woman something. I’ve learnt invaluable lessons from the women around me and for this I can only say thanks in my own unique way…


To my female family members…

For showing me what family truly means, for always making me feel like I belong, and for making me feel proud about my background; I thank you. I truly believe it is the women in a family which shape a child’s ideology in life. In any given family, there are various roles each woman has to fulfil; daughter, grand-daughter, sister, sister-in-law, mother, wife, daughter-in-law…. the list is almost endless. Each role is unique in it’s own way and depends on each individual relationship. Families are for sticking together when the going gets tough, for being together on a rainy day and for creating memories which will echo for years to come. My family gives me purpose and I am the woman I am today because of the strong influences of the females in my family.


To my girlfriends…

For the times we’ve laughed and cried together, for always being there when I’ve needed someone to lean on and for keeping me on my toes; I thank you. Where would a girl be without her girlfriends? The answer is NOWHERE. It’s impossible to have too many girlfriends but it’s important to have a close few. There are those who’ve been with me through the years and also those who I’ve gotten to know recently… I cherish each and every one of you. You all make me the confident and proud woman I am today – proud to have you in my life.


To my female colleagues (past and present) & counterparts…

Thank you for being you. If you weren’t you then I wouldn’t have learnt the things I have from you. I spend most of my day with you (or have done) and I’ve learnt to keep determined, to take control of my thoughts, to establish boundaries and, most importantly, not to be a wallflower. For these things, I will be forever grateful to you all.


International Women’s Day has brought one idea to the forefront for me and that is “empowerment”. However, I would like to take a different stance and say that in order to make someone else powerful, you need to be sure that they have the power within them. To all the wonderful ladies reading this: sometimes having an unwavering belief in yourself is power enough. May you always find the power and beauty within… because nobody can or will respect you more than YOU!

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