The "Supermoon-Holi" Effect

As the various tweets and Facebook statuses remind me of the Supermoon tonight, I’m left thinking what a lovely day this has been. 19 March 2011; Holi AND Supermoon. For those who aren’t aware of either, let me briefly explain. Holi is the Hindu festival of colours, linked with Lord Krishna, where it is auspicious to throw colour on each other. Holi is always known to fall on a day/night transition where a full moon is seen. Coincidentally, this year’s festival falls very neatly on a very special Supermoon night. It is the nearest the moon has been to planet Earth in 18 years. These two together make this particularly transition of days a very special one in my eyes. The beauty of colour in the day and the beauty of light in the night.

I peered out of my window briefly before I settled myself on my bed to put my thoughts into words. There has always been something that draws me to the night sky. Be it the sparkling stars in the night when the sky is clear or the patchiness of white on a cloudy night, there is a mystique about the sky which has always fascinated me. The fascination remains in the same way looking out at the sea can amuse me for hours on end. Perhaps it’s the sea element or the deep-thinking quality that my star-sign gives me. Who knows! All I know is that even being in a country which has a varying climate makes me cherish the surroundings. The beauty of the world around you is always there and it’s up to you to let it seep into your personal and everyday life.

In the routine of your work and home life, it is very easy for one to forget the surroundings. In the UK, it’s pretty depressing to even think of appreciating what’s around you when the winter weather causes so much havoc. However, I wouldn’t change my location, my place of residence or my home for anyone. Be it the rainy days or the cold sunny ones, London is the city to be in. I wouldn’t even swap it for the razzmatazz of Mumbai… not permanently anyway! I like to enjoy the open air in the summer even though this can be difficult. I get an awesome feeling from spending the day relaxing at the park with a group of friends or just one companion. I have found the most satisfying days and conversations happen on those days. It’s almost like the greenery and sun help transport me to a different world. A world where expressing yourself is that much easier and life just seems simple. Is it now obvious enough that I can’t wait until summer? 🙂

My wish right now would be to be sitting on a balcony watching the Supermoon in all its glory. I think I would be able to stare at it for hours wondering what it will bring with it… wondering whether the light is significant of any part of my life. I am slowly beginning to realise that things and people who I believe to be the “lights of my life” will be constantly changing. The constant light only comes from the people who bring colour into my life. So there we have it… we’ve come full circle. The colours of Holi and the light of the Supermoon… a truly significant combination, should you wish to imagine it so.

Amrita xxx

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  1. Amrita, very nice self-portrait linked to that special phenomenon of Super Moon and event Holi…so many pretty views from your window and eventful life to describe in your blog…You had done a good job!!! x


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