Is having "mug" written on your forehead actually a good thing?

So come on, tell me! Be honest and concise. Do I really have that word written on my forehead? Well? No? You’re lying? What… you’re not? Can you not see it? Not even a little bit? Oh perhaps the characters have faded. I’m pretty sure it was there this morning! You can tell me if it’s there, you know? You can trust me! Oops! There’s that dreaded word: Trust.

Yes, we’ve all heard those same lines many times before, “no relationship can exist without trust”. In the same way, there is no doubting that each and every one of us has compromised someone’s trust before, taken it for granted or – in the worst case scenario – trusted someone blindly. We’ve all been there, done that and dealt with the consequences which come with the T-shirt. However, one question still remains… is there such a thing as being too trustworthy? Does having “mug” written on your forehead mean that you’re easily trusted and therefore also easily taken for granted?

Let’s take a look at the flip-side. If a stranger or someone who didn’t know you so well gets a good vibe from you when you meet them for the first time, it is potentially good news. However, what exactly are these good vibes? Aren’t friendliness, being attentive, making conversation all contributors to a “good vibe”? Hmm… perhaps all of these can amount to a certain level of trust between the person who has just met you and yourself. Maybe, just maybe, this is enough of a basis to judge another person and perhaps the word “mug” is already finding it’s way to the top of your face. Either way, first impressions that are generally and genuinely positive can give way to a huge host of questions in the same way that they can also be very wrong.

In my humble opinion, the feeling that someone is taking you for granted is not a nice one. It makes you feel like you’re not worthy of any kind of recognition and it also makes you question your relationship with the person who is making you feel this way. However, from a rather longwinded perspective, being made to feel like you are a “mug” is something one should be proud of. It can mean that there is someone (or a handful of someones) who simply can’t live without you. It could be seen that they trust you without giving it a second thought which ultimately means that without you, their life would be difficult. Being a “mug” means you’re doing a good thing. You’re making someone’s life easier. Now all that needs is a break in the routine for someone to start valuing you again. Get my drift? 🙂

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