A Royally Bollywood Day!

29th April 2011. This day has been marked in so many people’s diaries for months. It has seen a nation plan for the wedding of two people who are very much in love. Two people have begun the rest of their lives together as one, in full view of the public eye. Yes, it was the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton who are now the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

For anyone who knows the “filmi” me, you will know that I am an absolute sucker for a love story. This was no different. Although I missed the live coverage of the actual event, I felt warmth in my heart and seeing the images of the two being wed, taking their vows, walking through Westminster Abbey and Prince William driving to Clarence House in his father’s Aston Martin touched me. Whilst all of these images were truly history-making, there was just one thought doing it’s rounds in my head. I’d heard this one line being said by many in the social-networking world about this wedding and I wondered whether it really was the case. Does every girl want to marry a Prince? Was Catherine Middleton living the dream of millions of girls around the globe? Hmmm….

Yes, I’m filmi. Yes, I believe in destiny. And yes, I believe in miracles too. This thought and question implies nothing more than a miracle. However, I don’t believe it rings true for each and every girl. Ok, let me cut the generalisation! It doesn’t ring true for me. Surprised? Yes, me too. Nonetheless, with my hand on my heart, I can truly say that it’s not about obtaining the love of a prince… but more about your lover and partner being your own prince. I believe life is about living and cherishing your own fairytale and this is not limited to just a love story. Fairytales and miracles are a part of every day… Bas aapka dekhne ka nazariya badal deejiye! (Translation: it depends how you look at things)

Today, I also went to see Lara Dutta-Mahesh Bhupathi produced Chalo Dilli. Although not a very obviously impactful movie, it did make me think. It follows two characters who couldn’t be more unlike each other if they tried. The moral of the story comes in encouraging you to think about your own outlook in life. Some people are more adaptable than others. Some people are more “professional” than others (in creating an impression). Some people have the gift of the gab where others don’t. Everyone has the ability to make of life what they want.

The movie made me think about where I am in my life. It made me think about the things I take for granted. It made me wonder about the battles every one of us goes through every day. The fact that each and every one of us wakes up not knowing what to expect and we battle through our days not recognising minor achievements or the people who help us… is pretty sad! Make the most of what you have and appreciate life’s little miracles… with a smile on your face! 🙂

It’s most definitely been a royally Bollywood day… I hope you all recognise the fairytales in your lives. They are worth holding on to because everyone has princes and princesses in their life, even if they are just your family and friends! 🙂

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