Chosen word: Procrastination

Procrastination defined – “To postpone or delay needlessly.”(

The definition above is a very simple explanation of a somewhat deeper and much more unsettled thought. Procrastination can mean different things to different people but it’s safe to say that the idea, the thought and the habit is one which each person encounters in some aspect of their life on a day-to-day basis. However, has anyone ever thought about why they procrastinate? Why put something off to “tomorrow” when it can be done earlier and in good time? “Tomorrow” may never come… or worse still, “tomorrow” may come sooner than expected. Not with me? Hmmm… Let me explain.

Personally, I’ve got to say I am a serial procrastinator. I have been known to put off some of the most important tasks for days and weeks on end. Why? Well, because i’m scared of the outcome. The task could be as mundane as passing on some news/knowledge, talking to someone about an important matter or even something extremely routine such as going to the bank. Of course, not all of the things mentioned would warrant a particularly bad or negative outcome. However, I’ve got to admit that I procrastinate the most when I’m looking for some “me” time. For example, if going to the bank is going to interfere with something i’ve planned to do with my day (primarily for myself) then I will choose not to do it. For me, to have a day solely to myself doing nothing in particular or something significant is a rarity… and to do something so routine in that day would only break the flow of it. I’m hoping this sounds familiar to some and not alien to all!

I will also admit that procrastination also needs to rely on the level of organisation a person has in their life. I think I fluctuate in these stakes in that sometimes I will make sure things that need to be done get done and will make plans to ensure this… but other times, I will know that something needs to be done but it will slip to the no-need-to-think-about-unless-REALLY-important pile in my thought process – thus not being thought about at all until it’s way too late to do anything about it at all! The latter often ends in huge panic and a lot of running around like a headless chicken… and many a time it’s also resulted in a lost opportunity.

To conclude, I think the best way to describe or even avoid procrastinating is to identify that by making it a daily or life-invading practice can mean that you’re harming the achievement of your goals in the process. Should one need a unapologetic reminder of this, one only needs to think of a day where everything on your mental “To Do” list was achieved and one will come to the realisation that planning ahead, being quick off the mark and thinking on your toes is perhaps the healthiest COMBINATION needed to fulfil your dreams. I end with the thought that encompasses exactly that which I am trying to convey: “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin” (Victor Kiam). You are in control of the opportunities that come your way and it is up to nobody but you to make the most of them… don’t sacrifice them even before they’ve come to you.

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  1. I totally understand and agree with everything written here. I too am a serial procrastinator, always putting things off until tomorrow and then realising i havent left myself much time, yet i still continue to always leave things until the last minute. A well written article.


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