Meet Delhi Belly's Nitin… A Chat with Kunaal Roy Kapur

1 July 2011 will see the release of Aamir Khan and Ronnie Screwvala produced Delhi Belly. The movie’s various first looks and trailers have created quite an impression and it’s safe to say Bollywood enthusiastics are looking forward to a film which, quite obviously, will break out of the mould so to speak. This week, I will be introducing you to some of the actors behind the “out there” characters in the movie. The film not only stars Khan’s nephew Imran Khan but also sees the inclusion of some lesser known names.

The first of my features focusses on the multi-talented Kunaal Roy Kapur (pictured on the left in the photo). Kapur’s talent don’t end at acting. Although he is prominent for his theatre performances, Kapur also directed “The President is Coming”. The film was based on a play written by himself and was a story about six contestants who were willing to do anything to mark the US President’s visit to their town.

In Delhi Belly, Kapur is coming together with Imran Khan and Vir Das in a story which is about three friends having a bad time in their own life situations. Read on as Kapur divulges about his character, Nitin Malhotra, and his experiences of working in the movie…


You are an actor originating from stage. How did you become director of “The President is Coming”? What was the transition like?

I participated in a Writer’s Workshop as an actor, and ‘The President is Coming’ was one of the products of that workshop. I share a great relationship with the writer, Anuvab Pal, and he asked if i would be interested in directing the play. Subsequently, Anuvab met Rohan Sippy and they got talking about a film project. Out of sheer laziness, they decided to make what already existed on stage as it was running successfully.

It seems you have made the journey back to acting with Delhi Belly. Did you always want to act in Bollywood?

I have always been acting on stage so it hasn’t been completely out of the blue. I have always wanted to act but good roles, good scripts and good directors are far more important to me than being in the industry I operate in.

As you have had substantial experience behind the scenes of a movie, did you find yourself giving suggestions in Delhi Belly or are you a director’s actor?

Yes, but only where my role was concerned. You have to have an opinion on that. You also have to have complete faith in your director which I had due to our workshop prior to the shoot. Abhinay Deo, the director of Delhi Belly, was very clear with what he wanted so that gave me immense confidence in him.

How would you describe your role in Delhi Belly and how do you think the audiences will take to him?

My character, Nitin, is a lethargic slob with a warped world view, quite like myself. He has a morbid photographic sensibility and is always looking for easy solutions to tough situations. I would doubt that he has ever had a girlfriend and he is also quite frustrated. I hope audiences find him amusing.

What was it like working under the Aamir Khan banner?

Aamir has put together a wonderful company. I think his true talent as a producer is finding the right scripts and getting the right people involved. He also has good sensibilities and has strict quality control of what his company puts out. The environment is such that the company make me want to be the best that I can be.

What is your most memorable shoot/scene from the film?
There is a sequence with the three of us around a Carrom board that I really enjoyed.

In terms of the future, do you see yourself remaining as an actor or perhaps venturing back into the direction side of film-making?
I would like to do both actually. I am too fascinated by the entire process of film-making to limit myself just to acting. I hope to be directing again by the end of this year.

What can the audiences look forward to from you in the near future?

Hopefully more entertainment – on stage and in films.


I hope Kapur gives Delhi Belly’s Nitin a performance which wins the hearts of the audiences and brings him projects that will be heavily anticipated. Kunaal Roy Kapur… naam yaad rakhna! Call it an inkling, call it a premonition or call it what you may… I think this is a name and talent to look out for!

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