2011's Lessons Learnt and 2012's Aspirations

Here we are again, at the end of another year and about to embrace the hopes of another. 2011, for me, will be a year I always hold close to heart because it has given me opportunities which were beyond my wildest dreams. It will always remain a year where dreams that I didn’t even know I held in my heart came true. It’s new year’s eve and this is perhaps the most perfect time to reflect and take stock of everything the past year has brought with it and what was (necessarily or by mistake) lost in the grand scheme of things. Looking back at my post at the start of 2011, I had wanted the year to be about my friends and about all those important to me. I can put my hand on my heart and say that I feel this has been achieved in the year but only to an extent.

2011, in and amongst all the glitz and glam, has turned out to be the kind of year that – in hindsight – contained moments I will live through again and again in my mind for many years to come. It’s shown me that sometimes reality can be better than your dreams. It’s also made me realise that kisi ne bilkul sahi kaha hai that sometimes people you don’t even know will come into your life and change it completely. Thankfully, this has happened to me this year a few times and mostly these people have had a positive influence. It’s quite amazing really how people you’ve known for a short time can grow to mean so much to you in that time but it seems to take so much more in keeping  up a relationship with someone you’ve known for years.

The year has taught me one thing in particular and, I hope, that this one thing will continue to guide me through in years to come. It’s taught me that one should always take notice of gut instincts even if it’s not possible to act on them right away. Sometimes your gut can tell you things that your heart is too weak to fight for. These gut-feelings can be about anything but I’ve been shown that by ignoring them and not listening to what they were trying to tell me, I have caused myself hurt and frustration.

Without much further ado, I will divulge the lessons I’ve learnt this year… in the hope that perhaps some of my lovely friends will identify!

I’ve learned that…

… Sometimes people make promises out of the goodness of their heart even if they know full well they will not be able to fulfil them. Don’t be harsh on them or on yourself but be happy that their promise was made in the hope of not disappointing you.

… You can fight for a million small things because all you see is the bigger picture but there comes a time when the fighting isn’t enough.

… Hard work always pays off, no matter how much negativity might surround the process.

… People who are negative are always weaker than those who are positive. Try to recognise this whenever negativity finds a place near you for it should make you thankful for all things positive.

… It’s much more important to have family and real friends that keep you grounded, albeit only a handful of them.

… One shouldn’t allow success to become bigger than what is in one’s heart. If one works hard to prosper then one should also understand that this prosperity could be taken away at any point.

… People should always be valued. Enough said!

… Surrounding yourself with positive people will always help you achieve more. This is what my 2012 is going to be about!

… People will always disappoint you but more so when you have expectations of them. It’s hard not to have expectations but don’t be hard on yourself when things don’t work out the way you want them too.

… I will never use people to get to my dreams. I don’t care under what circumstances or in what situation. Karma is something I believe in immensely and I will never turn my back on this belief. People always get things according to their own actions… the law of the universe! 

… Everyone’s journey is different but sometimes you will meet people who will ram-road their way into your life in the hope of taking everything you’ve worked for. The way I see it is that if your relationships are strong enough and if you believe in yourself and your own destiny, things always work out for the best.

… I’m stronger for having made it through the bad times.

… Dreams that you dare to dream sometimes do come true.

… Angels really do exist!

Apologies, the list was longer than I thought it would be. I could probably have added a lot more to it but prefer to learn from the lessons above rather than dwell upon them. In the year ahead, I hope to become the best I possibly can be but I won’t be hoping for an overnight change. I am lucky to have a lot of positives in my life (touch wood) at the moment and I hope 2012 will bring a lot more good to my life. Sometimes, life just pulls you in the right direction and like food that is good for the soul, I put my hand on my heart and say that my excitement for 2012 is for all the right reasons.

Wishing you all a hugely fulfilling 2012. May it bring with it much happiness, contentment and smiles… and may it also bring strength of mind for the times that are testing. Lots of love to you my darlings!



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