Bollywood in 2011: Reflecting on the year that was

One only has to look back at the list of films churned out my Indian cinema in the last 12 months to conclude that it’s been a good year for the industry. In comparison with 2010, 2011 has been the year which has restored faith in so many ways. During this year we have rediscovered our real and rugged heroes, our sensuous and voluptuous heroines, our mast-bhari item girls and stories that are on par with Hollywood. It seems 2011 can be classed somewhat as the year that marks Bollywood’s coming of age. 2011’s mature Bollywood was not only bold but also brilliance; not only innovative but also intelligent; not only ground-breaking but also history-making.

Here are my personal lists of the goods, the danceables and the extras from the movies I’ve seen throughout the year. They are in no particular order and totally my opinion…

Top 5 films

RaOne – I’ve got to say that I caught on to the hype of this movie very late into the promotional campaign. However, when I caught on to it, I just had to watch it in the cinema and with the 3D option. Not only was RaOne my very first 3D experience but it became an experience I will never forget. Rarely does a movie outdo my expectations in the way this one did. Hats off SRK for making Hollywood rave about Bollywood. In what world could that be a bad thing?

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – This is a film I will always hold close to heart and I’m sure others will feel the same. This is the only movie this year that I watched twice on the big-screen and it somehow managed to get better the second time round… so much so that it warranted a special blog post dedicated to why it was such a good watch. If you remember it then you will understand why I loved the movie so much… if you don’t remember it then make sure you read it!

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl – Ok so I admit it before every one of you who knows why this movie in the list start throwing make-believe tomatoes at me… this movie is on the list partly because I love Ranveer! However, as with every film, I always say that a bad film doesn’t get saved by a good actor. This movie was a good watch because it was a different story and the characters were so raw. The plot was somewhat unpredictable and the overall feel of the film was refreshing. Thumbs up – Ranveer or no Ranveer!

Delhi Belly – This movie makes my list purely because of the comedy factor. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as I’ve laughed when I saw Delhi Belly. I liked the rugged and “innovative” look of the film and that fact that Aamir Khan was producing it just made it all the better. Perhaps it wouldn’t have gotten the time of day if his name wasn’t associated with it but I for one am glad it did!

No One Killed Jessica – This was probably the second movie I saw on the big screen and it stayed with me, in a weird way. I wasn’t too familiar with the reality of the story that the movie seeked to tell and neither did I have any preconceptions. The movie had impact and the story really was too tragic to make sense of. It made me want to seek justice myself… and i’m sure this should constitute why it appears as one of my personal faves of the year!

Top 10 songs

Ishq Sufiana – The Dirty Picture

Chammak Challo – RaOne

Laung Da Lashkara – Patiala House

Thug Le – Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Khaabon Ke Parindey – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Kun Faaya Kun – Rockstar

Character Dheela – Ready

Te Amo – Dum Maaro Dum

Saathiya – Singham

Senorita – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

My Stand-out Star Male

I don’t even have to think twice before answering this because I more or less predicted this at the start of the year. It has got to be Farhan Akhtar. He totally stole the show in ZNMD with his performance and his dialogues. Further to this, even though I haven’t seen the movie, I have been reading about his directorial antics in Don2 which have been getting rave reviews. It has definitely been his year and the multi-talents are (or will soon be) making others feel inadequate… Go FA!

My Stand-out Star Female

Vidya Balan – no contest at all. I haven’t seen The Dirty Picture but after seeing her in NOKJ and seeing previews of The Dirty Picture, I think she’s topped them all to be my stand-out! Let’s hope she continues this in 2012 and really begins to rule the roost… Vidya is Miss Voluptuous and I hope that image is here to stay!

My ‘Butter-wouldn’t-melt’ award

*Drumroll*…. Ranveer Singh. No explanation needed methinks!

My ‘Breath of fresh air’ award

Anushka Sharma – hands down! A natural acting talent if ever there was one… the other beauties should be aware!

My ‘Could’ve done better’ award

Apologies to all the fans out there but this has to go to Salman Khan. Yes he had the biggest openings this year but why? The movies lacked substance and totally wasted his raw acting talent. If there are any film-choice Gods out there, please put forward movies of some prestige to this actor who deserves much more than just big openings!

My ‘Exceeded expectations’ award

For me, this has got to be Hrithik Roshan. His portrayal of the not-very-likeable Arjun was brilliant…. as was his TV appearances on Just Dance. He has ruled both the big and the small screens this year. May he continue to do that in Agneepath which is all set for release in about a month!

I could very well go on forever but I will stop there. I hope you enjoyed my impromptu list of personal awards as well as the top lists. 2012 looks very promising but, like many of you out there, I don’t want to wait with bated breath for astounding cinema only to have my hopes fall flat. Let’s hope the endeavours that are made fulfil expectations.

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  1. Finally catching up on your blogs! Love it! ‘Butter wouldn’t melt’ award…now why doesn’t that surprise me!! 😛 Soo many films to catch up on from last year! The only one I’ve seen in your top 5 is ZNMD! Defo agree Stand Out star female award…VB was amazing in TDP!!


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