The Sexiest Husbands in Bollywood

If there could be a such a term as ‘eligible husbands’ then this is the era in which it would get perfect use in. It’s fair to say that in a typical Bollywood mentality, a fanbase decreases once a popular actor or actress gets that all important ring on their finger. I would argue that in today’s age of actors, their popularity seems to seap through no matter what. It would be wrong to pinpoint a certain actor where this is true so here goes a breakdown of who can be deemed the sexiest husbands in B-town. There are in no particular order but their sexiness works wonders…



In more ways than one, this actor – quite simply – defines the word ‘sexy’. Hrithik Roshan has been a married man for almost all of his working life and I would happily argue that his presence in the film fraternity has been necessary even if just to give the Khans a run for their money. Roshan’s appeal could be listed in many of his individual attributes but what is perhaps the icing on the ‘sexiness’ cake is that none of these can or should be singled out. Roshan, in many eyes, is the perfect man… and, take my word for it, he’s just as good-hearted in person. That’s a lethal combination indeed!

How do I go about describing a man who would look good even in a dustbin bag? Ok so maybe that description is a little extreme but you’ve got to admit that Arjun Rampal takes ‘sexy’ to a whole new level. Be it his deep voice, his amazing physique or his to-die-for smile, Rampal is the definition of a yummy Daddy. His model good looks have remained as he’s aged and his toned body is enough to give the newbies the jitters. Rampal’s negative roles of late have done well in enhancing his already well-appreciated persona and he is sure to continue wowing the ladies (and men) in his forthcoming films.

Dare I say it? The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Farhan Akhtar has got to be his comic timing. Bagwati aside, he is one member of the Bollywood film fraternity who wears many hats and quite impeccably at that. However, to go back to my initial point, Akhtar’s USP is in his comedy. On screen, especially in last year’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, his sense of humour was there for all to see and you will remember his anchoring antics in the TV chat show, OYE It’s Friday, which showcased his very witty sarcasm on a more personal level. Akhtar’s sexiness is in his ability to make people laugh.

When one mentions the word ‘Khiladi’, there is just one name that should come to mind. This tag is, of course, associated to the one and only Akshay Kumar. It is well-known that before marrying Tina (Twinkle), daughter of veteran actors Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia, Akshay had a ‘Casanova’ lifestyle and reputation. It has to be said that Akshay’s desirability comes in that dashing smile he has and his fit physique. He seems to have transformed himself from a sexy Casanova to a faithful husband. Way to go Mr Khiladi… now all you need to do is ditch those hopeless comedies that you’ve been a part of in recent years. 

He’s cute, he’s down-to-earth and he’s talented. All of these things and a little of the voice he has may remind you very much of his star uncle. Yes, I’m talking about none other than Imran Khan. This list would feel somewhat incomplete without the inclusion of this Khan. His appeal is very much in the freshness that comes with him and not to mention his versatility. He carries his persona well and has arguably become a Hollywood equivalent of a girl’s perfect rom-com hero. Khan has admitted that the character he plays in the forthcoming Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu is very much like him in real life and for this reason alone it will be an interesting watch.

Riteish Deshmukh is an actor who has very recently joined the husband brigade and his place on my list is essential. Deshmukh’s sexiness isn’t in his obvious good looks and neither is it in his super-stardom. On the contrary, his desirability lies in his personality as a whole. It would be safe to say that the actor’s popularity crept up following his anchoring at the IIFA Awards in recent years alongside Boman Irani. The actor has seen success in multi-cast movies in the comedy genre. He, of course, tied the knot with his debut co-star Genelia D’Souza just a few days ago. The couple are said to be on their honeymoon and will still be enjoying life as newly-weds when their movie, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, releases at the end of February.

He is the producer of one of the biggest hits in recent times, the brother of a superstar and also the other half of Bollywood’s ultimate item number queen. Arbaaz Khan has many ‘claims to fame’ but nobody can deny that this handsome man started off his career in the film fraternity as an actor. Khan comes from a family of good-looking men and, quite frankly, fits in more than perfectly. Khan’s sexiness is in his smile and, more recently, in being one of the most sought after producers. You know how power is sexy? Yeh, that. Arbaaz Khan is sexy personified!

Perhaps he’s not everyone’s taste of sexiness, but there is still no denial that Vivek Oberoi is popular for reasons that go beyond his filmi career. Oberoi has been most appreciated in his negative, villainous and gangster-style roles and also in his romantic roles, of which there hasn’t been many.  Oberoi’s USP is in that heart-melting smile of his and not to mention that heart of gold. He is gearing up for some roles which will prove to be a well-deserved notches on his career belt and the audiences will be forced to sit up and take notice of his talents once more.  

For more than one reason, I decided to save the best until last. Shah Rukh Khan is perhaps one of the first names that would come to mind when one thinks about B-town’s most desirable husbands. If I had to describe this Khan’s sexiness in just three words, I would use charm, charm and charm. SRK’s charisma is in everything he does and this is what makes him sexy. Ultimately, he is the personality people look forward to watching on TV and in functions. His charm never fails to impress and always goes beyond his talent and the way he looks. SRK’s sexiness very much lies in the way he makes you feel… and I know I’m not the only one who has fallen for his charms! 


It’s evident that the actors in today’s generation are just as impressive and popular when they’re unattached as when they’re spoken for. In particular, the actors that are married aren’t affected so much with decreases in adoration as they perhaps were in previous generations. There is one thing I am sure we can all agree on and that is that not every wife would be able to handle her hubby getting as much love and adulation as these celebrities do… but I’m sure it must be a nice feeling to know someone who is admired by millions ultimately comes home to you!


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