At Valentine's, With Love – 'The Flowers' (Chapter 1)

I wanted to attempt something on my blog which could take off or could equally see me falling flat on my face. It’s Valentine’s Day and to avoid all the usual lovey-dovey-ness, and give my lovely readers and supporters some involvement in my blog, I thought I would try my hand at some creative writing! Ok, so perhaps that’s not all this is and maybe this is my way of experimenting and finding out more about what my romantic “followers” want from a story. This is, essentially, a reader-led story and will need you guys – my wonderful blog followers – to tell me how YOU want the story to go.

Name of the game: At the end of this chapter, you will be given a choice of three different follow-on scenarios. You will be required to get in touch with me through Twitter/Email (or to leave a comment below) and let me know which of the three you would want to happen next. The scenario with the most votes by the end of the week will be the winner and the next chapter will be based on that… and so on. The initial thought is that there will be a total of 6 chapters but if this proves to be a popular story then it may just carry on.

My contact: My Twitter handle is @Amr1ta and my email is Feel free to get in touch with me however you wish! Don’t forget, you could also leave a comment below.

*Please note, the story is written in the first person… so don’t be alarmed! It is totally fictional but might loosely be based on some of my own experiences. The characters (and their names) are all born from my imagination as well!

**First person protagonist narrator’s name: Sonia Verma


As I got into bed after a memorable day, I caught a glimpse of the digital alarm clock on the bedside table. As the clock stuck midnight, I was forced to think about the date. 14 February; Valentine’s Day. I could almost feel myself release a little sigh of disheartenment in thinking of the significance of this date. On this very date last year, I made one of the hugest decisions of my life.

Having been whisked to Paris for a Valentine’s weekend by someone who I had thought was ‘the one’, I had been totally unaware of the plans that were being put in place a good few weeks beforehand. Rupesh had organised something any girl in the world would have gotten all teary-eyed over. Any girl but me, that is. Rupesh was a shrewd businessman who I had known for four months before things had developed. We met during a weekend conference and were forced together by our mutual colleagues who seemed only to want to spend time exploring the hotel surroundings and free recreational treatments. I found it hard resisting the charms of a man who, like me, preferred to take in the greenery that was around us by spending time in the outdoors. It became known to be that Rupesh ticked boxes in my ideal man list that were invisible even to me. He was attentive, he was charming and he was handsome in a way that made me feel the need to catch my breath. On this exact day a year ago, Rupesh had seeked to add to the specialness of a weekend in Paris by giving us what should have been our most meaningful moment. However, contrary to the way I had felt about him, seeing him knelt down in front of me with the most beautiful ring in the world had… scared me. There is no other way to describe a feeling which made me walk away from an instant which I had dreamt of my whole life. The thoughts of such a memory were inevitably going to pay a visit today of all days.

I put my head to the pillow and endeavoured to put thoughts of Valentine’s Day to the back of my mind. This was a tough thing to do considering the comfort of this bed was so different to my own. Part of me really hated hotel beds but this hotel was particularly exquisite. It had been a tiring day spent with one of the most important people in my life witnessing one of the most important ceremonies he will ever be a part of. Today was the wedding of my best friend, Jigar. “Devika weds Jigar” is what the banner that hung behind the mandap (wedding stage) had read. In what can only be described as a twist of fate, there was one thing that made today’s date – and in fact the whole year since last year’s Valentine’s Day – a little more niggling. Devika, funnily enough, was Rupesh’s first cousin. In effect, today could have been the day I came face to face with my past but I was told that Rupesh had to make a last-minute business trip abroad; missing his cousin’s Indian wedding ceremony. My mind drifted from thought to thought and I slowly felt myself dozing off.

“Knock, Knock!” I was suddenly awoken with a loud knock on the door. I opened my eyes and the redness of the digital clock was all I could be. I rubbed my eyes and tried to make out the time; 01:35. The immediate thought in my head was that I had imagined the knocking on the door in my dream so I lay my head on my pillow once again. Within a few seconds, I heard it again. I reached over for the bedside light switch, at the same time getting up from the bed. I stumbled as quickly as I could towards the door and went onto my tiptoes to take a look through the door viewer. There didn’t appear to be anyone outside. I opened the door and poked my head around; still unable to see even so much as a member of hotel staff. It was then that my attention fell upon the floor. They lay a bunch of red roses with a card balanced beside them. I picked up the flowers and the card, shut the door and walked back to the bed. I opened the envelope and found a card message inside, ‘At Valentine’s, with love.’ With a very confused feeling in my stomach and sleepy eyes, I flipped the card over and realised there was another message on the back, ‘Meet me in the lobby in half an hour’.


What happens next?

♥ Scenario 1:

Sonia goes to the lobby and finds Rupesh waiting for her.

♥ Scenario 2:

Sonia calls reception to find out who left the flowers outside her room before deciding whether to go to the lobby.

♥ Scenario 3:

Sonia goes back to sleep, making the decision that she will investigate about the rose-sender when she’s had a good night’s sleep.

Your choice needs to be with me by Sunday 19 February 2012! ♥


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