Kee talks Pyar, Ishq and Valentine's!

This year’s Valentine’s offering in the British Asian music scene came from none other than Kee. She has, in recent times, become known forher modern music with Hindi lyrics and a voice that represents today’s woman. Tapping into a market that has been conquered before, Kee’s unique style qualities are what I believe make her stand out. ‘Pyar Hai’ is the name of her single and, as the name would suggest, the song is all about falling in love… in the winter. What a great song to represent everything that’s British about herself. The video does well to make you warm to the song… no matter how cold it may look in it! I had the fabulous chance to catch up with Kee who reveals a little about the track and her thoughts on all things love!


My idea of a perfect Valentine’s day… to spend it with someone special, enjoying a romantic candle light dinner, followed by a naughty dessert. Ultimately, to be with the one you love means the most!

The most meaningful gesture of love… one single red rose, says it all.

My idea of a perfect man… someone who is honest, works hard, romantic and funny!  Still waiting to meet him…

If someone I knew asked me to be their Valentine… I would be very tactful in how I respond, especially if we are friends. It just depends. If I like him, I wouldn’t be afraid to take a chance.

Romance, to me, is… essential in a relationship.  Being a typical Aries, I am really passionate and a big softy, therefore it is the key ingredient to a long lasting relationship.

My favourite romantic movie moment… too many! But i love every moment of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and would watch it again and again.

The love songs I hold close to heart… Tera Chehra by Adnan Sami was my mums favourite song. She used to ask me to sing it all the time and it is one of my favourite memories of her.

Pyar Hai is particularly special to me because… it’s a soft mellow song which I feel really represents Kee. I can sing many songs but a love song will always win my heart.  When Arjun sent me the track, I fell in love with the music instantly. It’s extra special as I got to collaborate with my sweet bro once again.


A heartfelt thanks to the lovely lady for taking the time out to exclusively share some thoughts with me. Do check out the song in question in all it’s glory here: Kee – Pyar Hai. I am confident that you will fall in love with it just like I did… because there’s nothing quite like some winter romance!

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