2013: A different person in me…

Hand on heart; 2012 will remain one of my most self-defining years. With mostly the bad to look back at, I am happy to say that I am proud to have gotten through the year all the more stronger and wiser. So much so is the strength I now feel that I have now started believed that my destiny is very much in my own hands. Anyone who knows me well will know that this is a major change in itself. For a girl who has always believed that fate defines you, it really is something to admit that I feel like it is ultimately me who is in control. Whereas at this time last year I genuinely said that 2012 was all about gut instincts, 2013 will be able something very different.

Life is unpredictable but the biggest and most significant lesson I’ve learnt in 2012 is that we’re all moving towards death. I know that must come across as a dreary and hugely negative thought, it’s most definitely not meant to be that. In fact, that realisation has made me cherish everything and everyone around me that much more. I have a fiery temper and an honest outlook… but this will not remain the same for 2013. Although I will always remain myself ultimately, my whole heart will – from now on – focus a lot more on the positives. I don’t want to leave people with bad words, bad memories, bad feelings… In fact, I want a drama-free life wherever possible. So, when life gives me a thousand reasons to cry, I would like to think I’m strong enough to show it that I have a million reasons to smile…

Inevitably, in any one person’s life, there is always going to be a little bit of negativity and I think this is not such a bad thing. Negativity can prove to be life’s biggest reminder that your attitude is something you control. It’s taken me such a long time to accept this truth and I’m still on the way to full acceptance… but I WILL get there. Baby steps will take me to that acceptance.

So… what do I say for 2013? I say that my new year’s resolutions are probably some of the hardest I’ve made in recent years but they are ones which I really really hope with all of my heart that I can keep to. Who knows… maybe this time next year, I’ll be writing a post saying all that I set out to do was something I very much achieved! Here’s hoping!

I wish you all the very best for 2013 and hope it brings many smiles, laughter and dream-come-true moments for you all. Cherish them all! They don’t come along often!


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