Month of Love: Interview with Priya Mulji

♥ February is, undoubtedly, a month of love. To mark the shortest month of the year and the whole lot of love that is incorporated smack bang in the middle of it, I thought I would do something different on my blog. This will be a month that will be star-studded. From fellow writers to friends to some well-known names… they’re all stars in my eyes and they will be sharing a little about themselves (and their talent) with me – and with you (along with some Valentine’s fun thrown in for good measure!). ♥

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I start the sparkle of the month with a short interview with the first blogger I ‘met’ on the online world and also the first blogger I met in real life. Priya Mulji has always inspired me as a fellow writer. However, her go-and-get-it attitude and empathy – both in her posts and in person – is truly commendable. As a person, she’s very down-to-earth and always there to lend an ear. Here, she shares with me a bit about her journey as a writer and also a little about that thing called love!


♥ You’ve had a blog for some time and you now also write for Eastern Eye, how would you describe the transition?
It wasn’t a huge transition to be honest; it happened quite naturally. The editor read my blog one day, sent me a tweet, I jumped at the chance and the rest is history. The only difference is that my column is often featured on the same page as a massive star, like Priyanka Chopra once, and then there is my little column. I don’t change the writing style between both as the audience is basically the same and I am lucky that in Eastern Eye I am given free reign (to an extent) and I can write about whatever I like. For example I can write about fluffy things such as Valentines Day but then I also wrote a column about the horrible gang rape in Delhi.

♥ You’re quite popular on social media. How far would you say this has helped your writing journey?
Oh it has helped the journey immensely. Not just because I can push my blogs and columns on there but because I get a lot of feedback from people on social sites saying they read my column, they related to it and that’s the best thing about what I do; which I do for love not money. As writers we often get bullied about things we write or post on social media sites but for that one bully there will be someone who backs you up and supports you; I’m lucky to have a lot of the nicer bunch of Twitter followers who helped me when a couple ‘bullied’ me.

♥ Tell me about one person you’ve met through your blog adventures which was a meeting you’ll never forget?
There are two people. One person is Asjad Nazir my editor for Eastern Eye.If he hadn’t read my blog I wouldn’t have my column today. That man is probably the most encouraging man I have and will ever meet. He gives me a kick up the backside if I am lagging behind on my work or I am feeling sorry for myself and always inspires me to better myself.

The second is Rita Morar; that lady is the most humble, down to earth, non judgmental and most inspiring people. I was lucky when I moved to London a few months ago that she lived near me and has become someone I turn to for a lot of stuff regularly, I am thankful to have her in my life.

♥ Do you believe in love at first sight?
I used to. Not to sound negative but there have been times when I thought I was in love, but I think at the time it was infatuation. That person was there in front of you almost all of the time, they are in your head constantly for periods and you start to think it is love. But I think when you do fall in love; you know. There isn’t anything wrong with being infatuated – it actually a wonderful feeling but when you fall in love you feel it in your bones. Nothing feels unnatural, you don’t feel insecure, yes you might get jealous a little but who doesn’t?

♥ On the whole, Asians aren’t too open about dating experiences. Do you find it hard being open – as if you’d be judged?
Oh god yes! Actually my mum often reads my column and tells me I write about myself too much. But again going back to people being able to relate to it on a personal level, helps people, and I have never been someone who hides anything. I never name someone and often if I go on a date and men find out I write about dating they begin to panic and ask if they will get mentioned. Of course they won’t. I think on a certain level Asians still hold on to their culture and are scared of speaking out in case their parents find out and it is understandable. I think that is where someone like myself comes in. I often get emails and Facebook messages asking for opinions on situations because they are scared to go to their family or even friends and that when I give them my common sense opinion and help as much as I can.

 How will you be spending Valentine’s Day?
Who knows! I have a long work meeting during the day but maybe someone will declare their love for me and sweep me off my feet for the evening and shower me with gifts, wine, flowers, chocolates and delicious food! A girl can dream right! I hear a lot of people saying Valentines Day is commercialised. It may look like it but I completely disagree. When is the last time a man just randomly bought you flowers? I ask my girlfriends this question and they cant remember especially if they have been in a relationship for a long time. This is when I see the beauty of valentines day. Declare your love to the world, shower the one you love with gifts; it is a big deal and I love it. Now if only I had a date!

♥ What’s your main goal/ambition for 2013?
I started a new job and moved to London from Nottingham last October so at the moment is to settle in more, explore London and the south more, make new friends, go on more dates and maybe even find love…x


I thank Priya for taking the time out to share her views and thoughts and here’s hoping her Valentine’s dream comes true this year!

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  1. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Happy valentines day guys x


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