Month of Love: Author Chandru Bhojwani shares his journey of love

♥ February is, undoubtedly, a month of love. To mark the shortest month of the year and the whole lot of love that is incorporated smack bang in the middle of it, I thought I would do something different on my blog. This will be a month that will be star-studded. From fellow writers to friends to some well-known names… they’re all stars in my eyes and they will be sharing a little about themselves (and their talent) with me – and with you (along with some Valentine’s fun thrown in for good measure!). ♥

He’s a writer that I was introduced to on Twitter and since then he’s taken by timeline by storm. He’s witty, talented and he’s even written a book, The Journey of Om. Now penning his second offering, Chandru Bhojwani is also a regular blogger. He took some time out to share his journey with me during this, my Month of Love. So here’s to finding out more about this interesting individual who has recently become a father… and a proud father at that!


♥ My journey so far…
I’d have to say is a fortunate one. I’ve had the opportunity to get a decent education, travel the world and with the DNA results in, I’m thrilled to confirm that my lovely wife and I have been blessed with bouncing baby boy! He’s taken to Social media too from tweeting and blogging albeit at our expense. Even with my writing, I pretty much stumbled on to it. It was a hobby to make my friends laugh and it pretty much grew from there. I was offered a column in Beyond Sindh, which allowed me to hone my supposed skill. I wrote a few short stories, which happened to get published and then one fine day, a short story metamorphosed in to a book. When The Journey of Om was published it really was a dream come true but the most rewarding facet was the fact that it spoke to so many people. Readers appreciated the male perspective on infidelity and being a victim of it.

♥ My future will be…
Well I have a new non-fiction book coming out soon, or at least I hope! The premise is when Sh*t happens in love and relationships but it’s different from the norm in its thinking, style and approach. It’s quite contemporary and gives the reader a choice of jumping in at any chapter rather than reading it chronologically. It also shares a distinctive perspective and challenges conventional thinking while amusing the reader. I suppose it entertains while it enlightens.

I also hope to continue adding to my blog, My Marriage, My Wife, My Life especially now that the little one is contributing. To some it may be a bible on parenthood and marriage; to me it’s the documentation of our life’s highlights and something we can look back on further down the line. It’s also a potential alarm so if I ever stop blogging, send in the troops!

I am also working on a couple of other ideas but nothing concrete to share right now.

♥ Love is…
Whatever my wife says it is! Jokes aside, after writing the new book I’ve realised it is one of the most paradoxical aspects of life. It has the potential to be beautiful and ugly; simple and complex; fragile and yet strong. Love is a drug and a necessity we need and at times and other times, hate being under the spell of. Love is the muse of what is beautiful and horrific. It’s a lesson, a journey and an aphrodisiac!

♥ Marriage is…
Work! Yes it’s great that you never have to go to a club stag or eat alone in a restaurant. But it requires work, effort and compromise to sustain a happy marriage or at least a tolerable one. What we see on the silver screen is a mirage; marriage isn’t anything like that at all. Even the cuddling is false! It gets too hot too quick and with her hair tickling your face is just irritating. You can’t sleep like that!

Marriage is her moving your stuff and expecting you to telepathically know where she put it. While you’re watching TV or playing PS3, marriage is her asking you what you think of her clothes by standing bang in front of the TV. Not beside the TV but directly in front of the TV. Like a plant, marriage requires nurturing, care, attention and a pre-nup isn’t a bad idea either. Also, it doubles your expenses, as you’re not only paying for two now, but suddenly have to buy gifts for every, and any occasion! Anniversary, Birthday, Diwali, Christmas, Valentines, New Year, Martin Luther King Day, Hug a Singh day etc. Still its amazing to be able to share ones experiences, from the joys to the disappoints, with that special someone. And I don’t mean special like the kids on the other table. Yes it’s work but the best things in life usually are. At the end of the day, ye zindagi to vaise ek saza hai, saath kisika ho to aur ye maza hai – Rangeela

♥ Being a father is…
Beautiful! Yes it can be exhausting and the whole labour thing is epic, but it’s truly surreal and divine. You want to keep the baby pocket-sized but it’s such a joy to watch them go through the stages. The solution is to have eight or so, one for every stage before puberty and keeping them that way, forever! I heartily recommend voluntary parenthood for everyone! You get great pictures, can make funny videos, create a ‘doody song’ and share all their toys all the while coming across as a great father rather than simply immature. It also gives you a ton to blog about! All in all, there is nothing in this world as amazing as your baby smiling at you first thing in the morning, before making his/her doody face.

♥ Valentine’s Day is…
A Hallmark holiday that we men have to abide by in order to avoid the ‘silent treatment’. We don’t really need a day to give a gift or do something romantic, but Valentine’s is just added pressure. Like having to kiss someone at midnight on New Years Eve! Plus, all the prices get jacked up during the ‘season’. What’s worse is that those that don’t have a valentine feel lonelier than usual! Anyway, I better get cracking on my gift.

♥ My message to the sceptics (of love, marriage, etc)…
There are always two sides to a coin, especially with coins. Things that are worthwhile require work and effort. Don’t be detracted by the haters and beware of the ‘Fr-enemies’ that lurk around in Sheep’s clothing. The world is a harsh place but by surrounding yourself with the right people, you can keep the garbage away. Change is inevitable and there’s no avoiding it. You can embrace it or futilely swim against the current. Grow from your experiences and remember, even after the darkest and longest of nights, dawn will always break. Take inspiration from Beyonce, who can pull off a Shampoo commercial in spite of wearing a wig! She was even named sexiest woman of the 21st Century…..all in a wig! Now that’s triumph! For more, buy my books!


I’m sure you’ll agree that words come easily and entertainingly to Chandru who is the only married and settled individual taking part in this star-studded month. I thank him for taking the time out to participate.

You can follow Chandru on Twitter: @ChandruBhojwani

For More Information on Chandru and his Blogs Please Visit;

His book, The Journey of Om is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Kindle.

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  1. Great article! I especially appreciate the author’s advice to skeptics of love. Chandru has a really refreshing writing style. He is able to bring to life and immerse the reader into a really deep emotional experience. He is so skillful at painting a picture of those difficult-to-articulate emotions. He complements this with hilarious, laugh out loud humor. It’s rare to find a writer who can do both so well. If you haven’t read Journey of Om yet, it’s a must read! Can’t wait for the next book!


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