Month of Love: Interview with Rita Morar

♥ February is, undoubtedly, a month of love. To mark the shortest month of the year and the whole lot of love that is incorporated smack bang in the middle of it, I thought I would do something different on my blog. This will be a month that will be star-studded. From fellow writers to friends to some well-known names… they’re all stars in my eyes and they will be sharing a little about themselves (and their talent) with me – and with you (along with some Valentine’s fun thrown in for good measure!). ♥

Pic courtesy: MKV Photography

It’s very rare in life to come across a person who gives off such honest, pure and positive vibes. It’s even more of a rarity that such a person remains this way all the time and more or less translates this successfully through their talent. Rita Morar is one such individual. She puts so much soul in her musical talent that you feel instantly uplifted. In fact, even personally, Rita is immensely inspirational. I am lucky to have her be a part of my month of love.


♥ What are your inspirations when singing?
My inspirations come from everyday life. You can write a song anywhere and anytime. I feel each song captures the emotion of that particular moment in time. I also get a lot of inspiration from my favourite artists such as Nitin Sawhney, Lata Mangeshkar, Alicia Keys, Najma Akhtar, Enigma and AR Rahman to name but a few.

♥ How important is it for you to feel the emotions of a song to influence its final output?
I feel it is very important to feel emotion as how else can an artist connect with their audience? Singing and feeling a song is a form of expression. When I was recording my forthcoming single ‘Piya’, the producer ‘Fingerz’ told me to express smiles and sadness through my voice at points where I could so that the listener could actually feel that emotion. To me, this is the best advice anyone could have possibly given to me. I tend to close my eyes quite a lot when singing as I put myself into the whole of the song if it’s pure emotion.

♥ What kinds of songs do you most enjoy singing?
I love singing all types of songs. From the loud energetic songs which give me a chance to interact to the audience to the slow songs with full passion. I am just happy that I am getting a chance to be singing and sharing music to the audience.

♥ If your dream man wanted to impress you with a song, who would he be and which song would he sing?
He didn’t sing but he made its presence. My husband walked into our wedding to ‘Breathing Light’ by Nitin Sawhney. All I remember whilst I was sitting in another room when hearing this song is ‘yes, he is finally here to come and get me’.

♥ What significance does 2013’s Valentine’s Day hold for you?
Valentines 2013 signifies appreciation and love for all who have touched my life so far. I am not expecting anything materialistic like presents or flowers as this year I feel content. I am finding that I am appreciating all who are around me. This year unfortunately I recently lost a dear friend due to cancer and it has opened up my eyes to just how life, love and music are precious. Words, encouragement and support are another form of showing love for another and I am truly grateful that this strength is helping me to build my confidence not only as an artist but as a person.

♥ How much, in your words, does love in your life help your musical soul?
It helps me a great deal because through love I feel I am achieving something worthy in reaching out to people through my music. I honestly believe when music touches your soul, it’s a form of healing and love to help you get through anything you may be feeling. When I shared my first song called ‘Rain’, I never expected such a warm response. I got many messages from individuals who were touched by the song and how it is helping them to move on which to me as a singer/songwriter is priceless. The love I receive from my close ones helps me to progress my dream in music. Even though I have a long way to go, their faith and unconditional love helps me to push myself further.  My very own motto in life is – ‘live your life in love and music’. Because without these two, I would not be here today, especially speaking with you J.

♥ What is your favourite love song and why?
There are so many I love but if I had to choose one it would be ‘Tujhme Rabh Dikhta Hai’ from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008).

I feel Roop Kumar Ji captures the emotion very well through his voice through Salim-Sulaiman‘s music,. The lyrics portray just how one person is the world to another and expresses their love universally for them by worshipping the ground they walk on. I also associate this song with my best friend who I sang to on her wedding. Flawless and evergreen, ‘Tujhme Rabh Dhikta Hai‘ (I see God in you) is in tune emotionally, musically and spiritually – all which will remain close to my heart and perfect for any Valentine.

♥ I would like to dedicate this interview to the late Ranvir Singh Verma who once told me that…
I know you must keep on striving and believing in what you do and use your love power to manifest the beauty, goodness and vitality in your world. The past we cannot change…However the future is yours to hold and create. Nothing is ever over, it’s just out of this world…Your loves are always with you because love is infinite in the beauty of your heart and your soul


I thank Rita not only for sharing her musical journey but also for being the amazing person that she is.

Rita’s details:
Twitter: @ritamoraruk

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