Month of Love: Interview with Raj Baddhan

♥ February is, undoubtedly, a month of love. To mark the shortest month of the year and the whole lot of love that is incorporated smack bang in the middle of it, I thought I would do something different on my blog. This will be a month that will be star-studded. From fellow writers to friends to some well-known names… they’re all stars in my eyes and they will be sharing a little about themselves (and their talent) with me – and with you (along with some Valentine’s fun thrown in for good measure!). ♥

The last post for my blog’s most special month to date had to be a special one. Ever since he’s come into my life, he’s never stopped inspiring me. In fact, right from the way he interacts to the way he carries himself; there’s something to learn from it all. He is a media superstar who always delivers timely and accurate media news to his audience as the founder of the BizAsia website. He is also a talented station manager and radio presenter at Sabras Radio as well as being a voiceover artist (and that’s with the Brummie accent!). I am extremely humbled and proud that Raj Baddhan agreed to be interviewed by me; someone who is lucky enough to be able to call him a colleague and, most importantly, a true friend.


♥ You are a radio personality, voiceover artist, compere, journalist… however, what is THE Raj Baddhan like in real life outside of the media world?
I’m quite similar to what I’m on radio – a fun loving, jolly and mischievous guy! I treat my listeners as friends and thus the way I talk to them is the same way I would talk to friends away from the radio. Everything I do – journalism, compering and voiceover work contains some element of entertainment and showbiz, which is what I enjoy the most. I adore reporting on two industries in particular and they being media and Bollywood. I absolutely thrive on showbiz shenanigans and that’s what I’m doing most of the time even when away from work.

♥ Did you always aspire to be where you are today – careerwise?
Yes. Unlike other people my age who change direction in their career from what they initially qualified in – I always aspired to be in the media – managing my own website, a radio station and entertaining thousands, if not millions.

♥ Who is the one person you will never forget meeting during your media journey?
Oooh difficult – Without bragging about it but I have met so many. The likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit top the list.

♥ What is the secret to your success, in your own opinion?
No secret – just being level headed and being a guy next door helps! Oh and just treating people the same way you want to be treated yourself. I enjoy helping people especially in the media through BizAsia and Sabras Radio by giving out work experience and opportunities in the same way I was helped when I first started.

♥ How did you mark Valentine’s day?
As always, by spending it with my listeners and doing a show for them filled with the greatest Bollywood love songs ever. In the evening with friends and loved ones; I’m quite a socialite.

♥ Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes I do actually. Heard lots of stories. I haven’t been lucky to experience that yet but I suppose there’s time! *winks*

♥ Do you believe in ‘happily ever after’?
Hmm no – I think that saying is purely for fairytales and films. I personally believe that twists and turns continue even after a happy moment. However, that’s not a bad thing, it just keeps one going and challenging one another. Life would be quite dull if it was ever a ‘happily ever after’ scenario.

♥ Who is your favourite on-screen jodi (TV or film) and why?
My favourite on-screen couple has got to be Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha. That’s a couple that was also meant to be but not in this lifetime. I still say they were made for each other – sorry Jaya!

♥ Everyone has dreams for their life… share one of yours with me?
Beside wanting to be Superman and be able to fly around the world…! Hmm…opening up radio stations around the world with Bollywood stars fronting various shows – completely filmy and full of masti, which sums me up to a T!


I thank Raj for taking the time to share his media journey and passion with me on this final blog in my month of love. I hope he continues to rise in his career and otherwise.

You can follow Raj on Twitter: @RajBaddhan
You can also check out Raj’s media and showbiz news:
Raj presents the drivetime show on Sabras radio daily from Monday to Friday, 3-6pm. You can listen online:

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  1. What a great interview Raj! Nice to find out a little abt you and what makes you tick. You’re a great inspiration to the younger generation. Your wonderful personality shines through in your work, and I love your accent. All great traits for a media personality! Best wishes!


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