Reserving your best for the best in your life

Everyone wants to be the best they can possibly be at one thing or another in their respective lives. Whether this is being the best friend or being the best at what they do, one is always striving at being ‘the best’. However, in this very thought there is some fault. Being a typical over-thinker, over the last few days and weeks I’ve wondered why I personally feel like I want to be the best. I am not interested in competition – let me set that straight. However, I want to do better because I want to be the best. I want to be the best friend, I want to be the best shoulder to cry on, I want to be the best writer… I want to be the best person. My definition of ‘best’ is considerably different to anyone else’s and so it should be. I am a firm believer that one should define themselves only through themselves rather than through other people. There is no comparison like that that is with yourself.

How many times have you met a person or met with an opportunity that makes you want to be your best? I would imagine that most people would answer that it was a rare occurrence. However, those people and those times do happen every now and then. Think again about how many times you’ve given your best at any instance and been none the wiser and none the wealthier – even in kind – for it? Has it ever put you off putting in your best at something or for someone? I would imagine the answer to that would vary upon circumstance and feeling.

Going back to my initial point, the last few weeks have taught me that I am the kind of person – in a typical Scorpion manner – who will always put in her best. If I’m not putting in my best then it purely means that whatever it is means very little to me or has no particular significance in my life. And this is where reserving myself comes in. I honestly feel that I should start reserving my best for the best. This means I give the best of myself not to those who I know are not deserving of it but rather to those who always give their best to me; to those who want to the best for me.

It’s a selfish thing but sometimes it makes you happier to know that in life, you’re always going to come across people and chances that may have come to you as part of your destiny and may well take you beyond your most precious dreams… but if you give your best and continue to get harmed then you will eventually become immune. I don’t want to become immune… I just want to ration the best of me for the best in my life. *Takes deep breath* Here goes… because sometimes being the best you can be requires rationing the best of you.

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