Happy Birthday Ranveer Singh… From wannabe Mrs Ricky Bahl

Ranveer Singh. If you follow me on Twitter or know me in real life, you’ll have found it hard to miss one very significant point. That point is my love for the hunky, the dreamy and the downright ghamandi Ranveer Singh. Some of the closet people to me don’t understand my love for him but I forgive them for they cannot see what I do (lol). For me, it’s not so much the characters he’s been seen in in his first two films (at time of writing, I am yet to see Lootera), but more about the way he comes across in interviews, film promotions and chatshows. His background is theatre based and the confidence the guy has is just so overpowering. Yes, I understand many see that very confidence as cockiness but… I just love it! It gives him this USP that not many actors today have. There’s something that draws me to him… and it is this very thing which will take me to the cinema tomorrow and for every other forthcoming film of his.

Having read tweets and various phrases of praise for Lootera, I could not be more excited about watching the film myself and reviewing it (without bias). I have been waiting for this movie for what feels like a lifetime the the delay its release kept encountering made me even more eager to watch it. According to me (and remember I haven’t seen the movie yet), Lootera is the movie which would bring Ranveer out to be versatile. Both Band Baaja Baraat and Ladies vs Ricky Behl were movies which set the scene for the actor and he was able to show off his acting skills in colourful films with quite obvious credentials. That’s not to say that Lootera lacks in any department but it will showcase Ranveer’s talents in an avatar not yet associated with him. I wouldn’t describe him as a recluse, a quiet bystander or a humble star. For me, Ranveer is almost the opposite; he’s out there, he’s in your face and he’s not afraid to take credit where he feels he should get it. Surely this instantly puts him apart from the rest? And I have to say that smooch he planted of Karan Johar’s cheek during Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa was just epic and testimony to his engagement and excitement at receiving a compliment from the filmmaker. I don’t see any other actor being quite so… forward!

Today, on the day I will be watching the much-awaited Lootera, I wish my darling hubby (yes, that IS what I refer to him as) a very happy birthday and wish that Lootera and the forthcoming Ram Leela make people sit up and take notice that bit more. One day, all the sceptics out there will be eating their words and jumping on the ‘rooting for Ranveer’ bandwagon I am on. That is the time I will sit there proud to have seen the junoon in his eyes wayyy before any of them did.

(Oh and in the unlikely event that the man himself reads this… I would like to convey my love to him by asking him to notice the title. Until quite recently, my Twitter bio included ‘Wannabe Mrs Ricky Behl’ on it. I removed it when Sabras Radio came into my life but if the character limit was not there then it would still be in place. Ab… Wanna biwi se kya darna?)

Baar baar din yeh aaye, baar baar dil yeh gaaye… tum jeeyo hazaaron saal, yeh hamaari hai arzooo… 🙂

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