Besharam special: My open letter to Ranbir Kapoor

I went to watch Besharam yesterday despite knowing that it was getting bad reviews. Why? Well, I wanted to see for myself why the reviews for the film were as they were (Let me also reiterate as I have done before that I don’t read any reviews before I watch a movie myself). I had a fair idea that the film perhaps hadn’t lived upto expectations. I know many would be wanting a review of the movie from me but I don’t want to be one in a million reviews that are already online. Instead, to express my feelings towards Ranbir Kapoor following Besharam I am writing him an open letter. *Takes deep breath* Here goes…


Dear Ranbir,

Let me begin by saying a huge congratulations on the huge success of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. What you admittedly told me was a role that you found difficult because Ayan Mukerji had written him with bits of you in between emerged as a loverboy of sorts. Bunny was loved by the masses and because he was so much like you, it made him that much more special.

Unfortunately, when watching Besharam yesterday on the big screen, I realised that the character of Babli was one I was able to congratulate you on but for very different reasons. Having watched most of your films on the big screen and knowing in my heart that it would be very hard not to be in total awe of your performance no matter what the film, I can safely say Besharam left me thinking about why critics and the like have been so negative. Although I will put my hand on my heart and say that Besharam was not what I would’ve wanted it to be, I can equally convey that your performance was stand-out. Whether it be the atrocious attire, the long hair or a character that was quite badly written, if there was any actor who could pull that off, it would only be you.

I have just one question for you. Why have you left behind the likes of an in-search-for-emotion Jordan of Rockstar and the heart-touching sweetness of Murphy in Barfi to embrace the quite disappointing character of Babli in Besharam? I believe you to be a character actor meaning this kind of masala genre which incorporates all the values and ideals of that which will undoubtedly entertain the masses. However, I also believe that you did not need to try your hand at this because you already entertain on that level when choosing to do characters that are out-of-the-box but yet almost instantly likeable. This is the magic of you. You do not need an action-packed romantic comedy mass-entertainer (with your parents in tow) to prove that you are capable of fitting in anywhere.

I would also like you to know that I think you were the saving grace for Besharam – a film I had almost written off before I saw it. In all honesty, you have raised the bar. Why many have so readily given you the superstar of the generation tag is because of the success you have seen in the films you have chosen since your debut. However, it was Barfi that truly captured everyone’s hearts where it may have escaped to do so in Rockstar. Now, this kind of extraordinary film role is what the audiences expect of you going forward. To want the success of a Besharam, which is simply not what you’re about, is futile. I hope you are not disheartened by the very negative reception Besharam is currently receiving because it is very much the expectations you have given of yourself that makes critics slate this movie for being different in a way that they wanted from you as the ‘superstar’.

I would request that when choosing projects, by all means do experiment. However, not all experiments go down well. This one, unfortunately, didn’t work with the masses although it was a movie that shouldn’t have received as much flak as it got – in my view. Take the rough with the smooth and you’ll see this is an audience trying to put you back on track… to making movies that you trust with your gut. I don’t think even you were able to trust this one after a certain point!

Yours sincerely



So there we have it. Hand on heart, Besharam was way better than I expected it to be. I wonder whether all the critics have given it a bad review so that it’s fate was sealed even before the audiences showed their feelings? Most movies that are currently in the 100 crore club are leave-your-brain-at-home style… Besharam was not worse than a lot that have carved their place in the club already. My advice to anyone who has not seen the movie but has decided to leave it well alone would be to go and see it for yourself and make your own mind up. Reading a few reviews will make you feel a certain way but watching the movie may make you feel another.

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