Dissected: Koffee with Karan Episode 1 – Salman Khan's debuts

There was much ado when it became known that Salman Khan would be gracing perhaps one of the most popular couches in recent TV history. Koffee with Karan season 4 would see Salman’s first involvement ever in the show. Why was this such a big deal? Well, that would be because it was Karan Johar who would be hosting him and he has a very uncanny yet effective way of delving into an actor’s or celebrity’s persona in a way that not many have been seen to do previously. However, there certain questions surrounding this episode which would be the opener of the season: Would Salman let down his guard with Karan? Would the audiences and fans see a different side to the popular actor? Would he reveal any secrets? Well… the episode has aired and reports have been doing the rounds. In my very own thoughts, I find myself asking: Was it really worth the wait?

Personally, I didn’t get much more than I expected from the man himself but I got more from him about other people. That makes me feel just a little bit cheated but maybe that’s what the chat show is all about and I’ve missed the point? Hardly! So here are the things are I got out of this special episode:

Three things I learnt (two of which are about other people)…

– There was almost a confirmation in Salman’s answers and comments that Karan is gay (not that he’s ever admitted this himself).
– There was a lot of talk about Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s association which – I am hesistant to add – is not surprise given the various photos, etc which have done the rounds of late.
– That Salman is not happy with hearing bad things about Shah Rukh Khan, despite them no longer getting along. (My respect for Salman has gone up ten-fold after what he said on this. Takes a big man not to get on with someone who was once a friend but still not be able to hear other’s talk bad of him. That’s really decent!)

Three things I knew I would never get… and never got…

– An admission about his relationships. In fact he dodged the questions amazingly well by saying he’s still a virgin (!).
– A fully candid Salman. Yes, it did feel like his guard was down more so than before because it was Karan he was talking to but he wasn’t entirely comfortable. I don’t know if he ever will be in such interviews.
– Anything more than what was already known about the Eid hug between him and SRK.

So… I ask again: Was this episode really worth it? I admit it was great to have Salman as part of this show and it was a big deal that he agreed to be the first guest but I think all the fluff got in the way. What saddens me further about this is that there are reports out there quoting that he’s a virgin, etc. Get a grip! If you can’t report proper news then stay away from reporting such things altogether.

I’ve got to admit to being disappointed with this episode that was hyped up so much. Having said that, only Karan Johar can bring together a Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan on the same chat show and have father dearest steal the show. I salute you Salim sir… for never coming to your son’s rescue if and when he’s ever been in the wrong. If only there existed more parents in the world like you!

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