Happy 2015… the year of the blogger!

After making a promise to myself last year that I would blog more regularly, creating a FB page dedicated to my blog, and also being sure that I would be inspired enough to write every few weeks, I can safely say that I failed miserably! However, in 2015, I am determined that I will definitely be a lot more active on my blog. In fact, I have promised that I will do a post every month at least… so expect at least 11 blog posts after this one you’re reading now!

So, it’s the start of a new year. Sitting here, having opened a box of assorted Lindor chocolates (no dieting resolutions happening here!), I am finding myself pondering whether it even feels like the new year is here. 2014 came and went so fast that it’s almost possible to erase it from memory. However, as 2015 is upon us, I would like to say – probably like any other person on the planet – that it’s going to be a life-changing year. I, for one, am hoping for a much fresher outlook and developments in my life in general which I hope to create myself.

I usually write a hugely reflective and philosophical post for an end of year – I’ve done that ever since I started blogging. However, this time round, I purposefully didn’t do that. My reflection happened in my birthday post and now, as I think about a specific topic to steer towards even as I type, I almost don’t want to limit myself. I think that’s going to be what 2015 is about. It’s the love for the uncertain and for the ability to keep an open mind. Life is too short and we all limit ourselves in some way or another, me included. I’m going to try and break through some of the limits I’ve set myself sub-consciously… all while keeping my own peace of mind at the forefront.

I will keep this short and sweet and say a HUGE happy new year to all those reading this. I hope we’ll be toasting to a year that really has been reformative, given much happiness and has been absolutely as fulfilling as it could possibly be… next year. So for now, let the adventure begin!

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