Dear Ranveer Singh, there’s something I want you to know…

You know when you get that feeling. That feeling in your gut that you absolutely want to do something? Mann halka karaana hai? This letter is written in response to that such feeling in my heart…

Dear Ranveer,

I’m so tempted to start this letter to you by feeding you all the “cheesy” and ever popular lines from your songs… my jigar da tukda… dil mein baji ghantiyaan… that I am aadat se majboor… but I’m stopping myself! Instead, I’m going to begin by saying thank you. No words can show you how grateful I am for the moment you gave me during ‘Befikre’ promotions here in London last year. When an actor who you absolutely adore acknowledges you and makes YOU feel like a celebrity, that feel doesn’t leave you. And it’s still with me. It still makes me smile and pinch myself even today. THANK YOU. 

Now, it’s only right that (as it’s your birthday eve)I send you dher saara pyaar and good wishes for your janamdin! Birthdays are always special because it’s a day when everyone shows you their love. I always see it as the universe jamming a whole lot of love together on one day and then you hoping that your heart doesn’t explode! I know all the Ranveerians on the social media planet and otherwise will make your day extra-special. I also know that you will be celebrating in style as only you would… and we expect no less!

So that leads me to my final point… and arguably the most important of them all. I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t a fan of yours since your first film but this was only because I saw your second film first. However, since then I was singing your praises to my friends and others only for them to disagree with me at almost every instance. I told them to wait for the next few films of yours before making their mind up but many were adamant. Low and behold, just a few years later, I was being told by the same people how much they love you. Why am I telling you this? I want you to know that not every fan you have has come from your recent films. I also want you to know that, to me as a journalist, you are full of intrigue and I’ve loved every interaction I’ve had so far. However, to me as a fan, you will always hold a special place. There’s a fine line between the two and it’s this fine line that’s making me write this letter to you.

You’ve had some grand films in the last few years which have made people sit up and take notice. However, as you ring in your birthday, I want you to know in your heart that there are many of us Ranveerians who are silently supporting you. We admire you for the way you’ve changed the way celebrities were viewed before. The expectation used to be prim and proper but now it’s wild and wacky… and it’s absolutely acceptable. That’s because of you.

I feel so lucky to have had such a memorable interaction with you every time we’ve had one. I have no doubt that you make every admirer of yours feel the same love and for this you deserve all of the love coming your way!

With much love and warm wishes for the year ahead and beyond…

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