Netflix’s Emily in Paris deserves a cultural London-based switch

Most people may know me as being a Bollywood buff, so to speak. However, I do watch other things, contrary to what these people think! And one thing I was a little drawn to and also a bit uncertain to watch is Netflix’s Emily in Paris. I did a very quick poll on Twitter and most of the people who voted said it’s worth a watch so I started it that day… and I finished it in two days – that’s pretty good going for me!

Firstly, the fact that the episodes are just half an hour is such a bonus for such shows. It’s like watching an extended film for those who can binge watch in one day and, for the rest of us, it might take a couple of days but totally manageable for such an addictive show.

This web-series couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Here was a series which was about a woman who goes to live in a different country on a completely different continent. With that comes uncertainty and apprehension somewhat but what it also presents is opportunities and the unknown – which can be super exciting. I think I lived through Emily as many might feel they did in these pandemic times. She had so many things go wrong and she was just amazing at turning a situation around and making sure she and the company benefited.

But, as much as Paris comes across as much more cultured than London with its dainty little bakeries, coffee shops, gorgeous balconies and restaurants with pretty hot head chefs, I really want Emily to come to London and for a web-series to be based on British capital life. I know many out there will think I’m mad but I really feel that London could be portrayed fantastically in such a web-series, don’t you?

Our sights are great – from the iconic Trafalgar Square to the ever popular Tower of London. We have so much to offer in terms of history and romance and… erm… eateries?! No, but seriously, I feel that the diversity of London (and its eateries) should be explored in such a show and then Emily can find that Paris wasn’t all it’s made out to be and London has a beauty and pull of its own! What do you say?

I always maintain that London in the sunshine is the best city! We have great parks where Emily could meet more friends, we also have areas such as Richmond or Kingston which would provide perfect spots for a little romance by the river. I’m also sure we could find a balcony or two with exquisite London views to bring it all together.

To end, I have to say that the men in Emily in Paris were absolutely enough to keep me hooked right until the last episode but it was the classic “will they, won’t they” scenario which was the most intriguing. How Emily kept trying to unlock Gabriel’s flat with her key, always getting the floor wrong… and how he came to the door looking so effortlessly handsome. Or how easy-on-the-eye Antoine was always running rings around his wife and mistress Sylvie but seemed to have a certain focus on Emily, despite her thinking the whole situation was highly confusing to begin with. Just… so much eye-candy!

Aside from all of this, I think the main thing that I loved about Emily in Paris was it’s Sex And The City feels – did you notice? Emily dressed so similar to Carrie Bradshaw and she was also similar to her in other ways, including how she meets her friends Mindy and Camille. There was also a fashion icon connection as well as a fashion showcase that goes all wrong. It’s just so similar.

Bring Emily to London where she might fall in love and could possibly live happily ever after… before she travels across other cities in Europe to keep the web-series going (!). But, just one thing, please make her lose all her Goddamn followers on Instagram because ain’t noone in their right mind getting past that algorithm with such weird hashtags and getting the number of follows that she did that quick! I wish that could happen in real life! 🙂

In short… Emily in London, pretty please!

Much love,
AT x

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