My tried & tested tips to achieve clearer skin

Anyone who has known me since my school days will vouch for the fact that my skin was very prone to breakouts of acne back then. I was so self-conscious that it affected everything I did – from my self-confidence to my friendships. Yes, some of that comes with adolescence but I honestly went through a phase of thinking that it would never go away. However, as the years passed, my skin got better and I got better at dealing with any breakouts.

As it goes, right now, I have had people who have known me for years comment about how good my skin looks and it’s such a big deal for me. My skin looks much better and healthier than before but my main worry was the scarring from the spots. I’m super lucky that the scarring wasn’t really very bad and I’m now at this stage where I’m confident enough to not wear foundation or concealer at all on most days – and that’s not just because I’m staying at home but when I’m going out too. In fact, I only wear a thin layer of foundation or a tinted moisturiser when there’s a special occasion or event. That’s it!

I thought I’d share with you my beauty hacks towards clear skin.

Drink water
This might seem like the easiest hack ever but it’s really not about drinking water for a few weeks and then stopping. You need to drink water everyday. If you don’t already know, it is the single most effective clear skin hack possible. It flushes out the toxins and gets the blood flow going which will help your skin. Try drinking just two glasses of water everyday for a month and you’ll see a difference. That enough will show you how much it can improve your skin in the long run.

Keep the vitamins up
Vitamins C, D and E (among others) and are essential for your skin. I found this out the hard way! There was a time where I literally didn’t give my skin enough of these. However, thanks to a beauty consultation I had, I was able to change that. I then introduced a good moisturiser to my routine and have never looked back. Vitamin E is found in many skincare products and is responsible for protecting your skin from ageing and stress. Vitamin D is essential and in the UK it’s hard to get it naturally through sunlight, so think about a good supplement – it’ll promote rejuvenation (however, don’t overdo it otherwise your skin will go the other way!). Vitamin C is the one that can be good for all skin types, again with anti-ageing and regulatory qualities.

Exfoliation (after washing)
This might sound obvious again but exfoliation of skin is something so important. It gets those cells moving and generates a brighter and healthier look. I have to admit that I spent a long time just washing my face and not exfoliating much, in fear of damaging my sensitive skin with any products. However, Dermalogica products are seriously my go-tos. They are mild and therefore suit my sensitive skin type, ensuring that I feel great after applying them. The one I use for exfoliation is this.

Eat & sleep well
This is yet another factor which might seem pretty straight-forward but it cannot be stated enough. After I changed my entire diet to ensure I wasn’t consuming as much sugar as before, my whole outlook has changed. Now, if I have too many carbs one day, I know my body isn’t going to agree with that. I became so strict that I start feeling ill when eating too much unhealthiness now. However, the effect this attitude and consumption change has had on my skin is unparalleled. I’m a vegetarian so it’s easier for me to include vegetables and fresh fruits into my diet but for those who aren’t in the habit of eating like that regularly, you can try it and see if it affects your skin. Also, sleeping well is something that will allow your skin to repair and you’ll look refreshed too – always a plus!

Avoid touching your face
This is for pre and post coronavirus and face masks but trying to get into the habit of not touching your face so much is a really great thing to do. It’s hard because for most people it’s a natural thing but if you make a conscious effort to not do it so much, you’ll be avoiding breakouts on your face so easily because you won’t be putting germs in contact with your face. Also, if you are wearing a mask, cotton masks are better because you can wash them and re-use and also because they are “breathable”.

De-stress when you can
When you’re stressed, you will see the effects of this on your skin – trust me! When you can, try to take some time out to relieve yourself of any stresses. Make some time for yourself and refresh your mind Feeling good on the inside will show on the outside!

Clean your phone
For those of you who are always on the phone where the phone touches your face, might see that you see the effects of the germs on the phone surface on your skin. Clean your phone with anti-bacterial wipes or something similar regularly. It’s a small thing but is something that’s easy to do!

Hope you enjoyed this post revealing my ways of ensuring my skin is “clear”. As always, different things work for different people but these are just really simple changes you can make.
Take care!

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