AT Cooks recipe: Almost no-sugar Rocky Road inspired chocolate tiffin

When you have a chocolate craving and are on a reduced or no sugar diet, it’s difficult to find anything but dark chocolate out there to satisfy it. For me, I love dark chocolate but still want that taste of milk or plain chocolate sometimes. This is why I tried to make my very own version of a tiffin which could satisfy me because I can use dark chocolate but reduce the bitterness with other ingredients. (FYI – a tiffin is something sweet that is refrigerated and doesn’t need baking so no oven needed for this sweet recipe!)

I’m sharing the recipe but it’s literally things I’ve got in the house so it can be altered easily for non sugar-free ingredients or other things if you wish.

This recipe was inspired by Radhi but I have made it with reduced and no sugar alternatives and I’ve changed some of the ingredients according to my own taste or desire. You can find the original recipe here.

Serves: Depends on how small or large you cut the squares but I would say 20 medium-sized squares are a good estimate.
Equipment needed: Microwave, microwave-safe mixing bowl, traybake tin, baking paper

– Around 110g unsalted butter
– 4-6 tablespoons of cocoa – as per your personal taste (I used a Sainsburys own, which had hardly any sugar)
– 3 tablespoons of brown sugar alternative (I used this)
– 5 tablespoons powdered sweetener (I used this)
– 30g sugar-free dark chocolate (I found some dark chocolate chips on Amazon that were sugar-free but if you can find a bar of chocolate, you can also use that)
– 10-12 pieces of sugar-free marshmellows (I used these)
– 16g currants
– 250g of sugar-free Digestive biscuits (can be found in most supermarkets)
– Sugar-free golden syrup (I used this)
– Optional: A couple of dry frozen or frozen raspberries

– Line a tray bake tin with baking paper.
– Melt the butter in a bowl in the microwave.
– Add in the cocoa, brown sugar alternative and granulated sweetener into the butter and mix until all combined.
– Cut the marshmellows into smaller pieces, as desired, and add to the mixture.
– Roughly break up or mash the Digestives, leaving them relatively whole, and add to the mixture.
– Add the currants to the mixture and mix it all together.
– Pour in some golden syrup, as desired, and mix up again.
– Place the mixture into the tin, ensuring to spread evenly.
– Melt the chocolate/chocolate chips in a bowl in the microwave.
– Add the raspberries to the melted chocolate, better if a little bit mashed. 
– Pour the chocolate and raspberry mixture on top of the mixture already in the tin, again spreading as evenly as possible over the top. (Alternatively you could leave the raspberries separate and sprinkle over the top of the chocolate once it’s spread.)
– Place in the fridge for 1-2 hours.
– After the couple of hours, you can take out of the fridge as it should all be adequately cold and ready to eat.
– Cut into pieces as you like and enjoy!

Hope you enjoy this rather healthy version of one of my favourite treats! To be clear, the only sugar in this recipe is the natural sugar occurring in the raspberries and in the currants. There’s also a very small amount of sugar in the cocoa too.

Here’s to a healthy and safe new year!

Much love,
AT x

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