AT Cooks recipe: Sugar-free lemon & blackberry scones

This weekend gone, I decided to try my hand at scones. I didn’t want to make plain, butter or raisin scones so, instead, I looked at various recipes and adapted my own version. I made lemon and blackberry scones, with a sweetener. I thought I’d share the recipe!

Servings: 6

Equipment: Handheld whisk or whisk with bowl, mixing bowl, small grater

– 192g rolled oats (can choose the gluten free version instead)
– 192g plain flour (can use any other flour instead too)
– 64g powdered sweetener
– 1/2 tbsp baking powder
– 2 tsp lemon juice
– lemon zest – from 1 lemon
– 80ml semi-skimmed milk (can use any other milk)
– 1 large or medium egg
– 113g butter, melted and cooled (can use vegan butter)
– 2 tsp lemon extract
– a pinch of salt
– 70g fresh blackberries

1) Prepare a flat oven-safe tray with baking paper and pre-heat the oven to around 210C.
2) With an electric whisk or mixer, mix up the rolled oats, flour, powdered sweetener, baking powder and salt until combined.
3) In a separate bowl, mix the milk, lemon zest and milk until combined. Add in the egg, butter, lemon extract lemon juice and mix until combined.
4) Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients until a dough forms. If too wet, you can leave for a few minutes so that the moisture is absorbed or you can add some flour.
5) Gently add the cut up blackberries, folding them in.
6) Roll the dough out and then separate into 6 parts. Place the 6 parts onto the baking sheet lined tray.
7) Bake until a golden brown colour – for around 12-15 minutes.
8) Leave to cool and enjoy!

Hope you enjoy making these, I certainly did! They’re yummy 🙂
Much love,
AT x

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