30 day challenge of Stress Awareness Month 2021

Hello April & hello Stress Awareness Month 2021. This year has been challenging, both mentally and physically and it’s given way to stress and anxiety for many, including me. What with everyday worries to thinking about how much the world has changed in the last 12 months, I know so many people feeling the same way and trying to figure their way through.

April is Stress Awareness Month and even though I think I’m quite aware of my personal triggers, I’ve found it hard finding my way out on some days, especially during this lockdown. As such, the Stress Management Society’s 30 day challenge is something I thought I should take up this month, to ensure that I am doing something everyday so make myself feel better. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I will feel a habit forming in the same way I can recognise my triggers and also deal with them much more easily.

I’ll be sharing my 30 day challenge on here (below) – it encourages you to do one action for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing everyday. Wish me luck!

AT x

Day 1. After work, I took a walk in the park and the pink blossoms were so stunning. It was a stress-buster indeed but it was a bit nippy.

Day 2. Good Friday. Caught up with my friend Sanoobar for a walk. We met at the halfway point between where we live and it was Foot Cray Meadows in Bexley. Luckily, an otherwise dull day was bright in the time we had our stroll and it was really just what I needed.

Day 3 & 4. Pretty much spent in the park with friends so that one thing towards my wellbeing was accounted for being in an open space!

Day 5. I baked some oat and raisin cookies and baking always helps me unwind.

Day 6. Did 5 minutes of mindfulness.

Day 7. Had a long catch-up with a friend over the phone.

Day 8. Wrote out how I felt that day, almost like a journal.

Day 9. Spent some of my lunch hour reading.

Day 10. Did 5 minutes of mindfulness.

Day 11. Had a much-needed lie-in!

Day 12. De-cluttered some of the photos I had on my phone.

Day 13. Had a video chat with a friend.

Day 14. Spent a couple of hours without my phone.

Day 15. Learnt something new through an awareness course at work.

Day 16. Went for a long walk with friends.










Day 17. Did some online shopping after ages.

Day 18. Made a cheesecake.

Day 19. Ate the cheesecake! 🙂

Day 20. Did 10 minutes of mindfulness.

Day 21. Read my book for half an hour.

Day 22. Looked through old holiday photos.

Day 23. Did 5 minutes of mindfulness.

Day 24. Had a picnic in the park with a friend.

Day 25. Had a lie-in 🙂

Day 26. Read a few blogs I follow.

Day 27. Had a nap before dinner.

Day 28. Read my book for half an hour.

Day 29. Spent the day at the Tulip Festival at Hampton Court Palace.

Day 30. Went for a drink and meal for the first time this year!


And, just like that, the month is over! It’s been an interesting one and been challenging to keep conscious of doing one thing each day towards my own wellbeing. I’m glad I did this challenge and hopefully it’s spurred me on to keep going beyond the month.

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